Second Life: 14 Years Celebration!


Released or rather, born on the twenty third of June in the year of two thousand and three, Second Life came to life on the world wide web. This world of pixels was far smaller  with visuals which would look primitive by today’s standards as this amazing inworld gaming platform developed over years.

I was fortunate to be invited to join Second Life’s press group for their fourteenth birthday celebrations and what an honour it is to be included in this celebration of the wonders which make Second Life what it is. The artists, builders, role players and more including you.

The twenty third of June will see Second Life turn fourteen years old which is an amazing achievement in the gaming world and it’s still growing, always developing and expanding.


Like walking into the light, we log into Second Life where we enjoy our other lives whatever that may be. The sailors and pilots, beasts and vampires, elves and dwarves, the dance clubs and places of sexual interests, the eras of dinosaurs through to futuristic themes, we are Second Life when he express ourselves with pixel possible. If it’s been thought of, it exists in Second Life or it’s coming soon. Very soon.


Consisting of eighteen sims, you will not, no, you cannot be bored. It’s impossible! Eighteen sims of an incredible amount of to look and do. Displays by builders. Groups who have something from through own group who share their world with us so we can see the vast range of activities that make up Second Life. You may find something to try out or even find yourself embracing a whole new passion.

The welcome wagon eagerly waiting to welcome you are greeters across these sims. Your entry point is Impressive where you will find information of what is on. There are many pod tours to choose from and dragons to ride. Riding dragons comes at your own risk.

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Online streaming is from SL Aviation Network whose streaming are made from live session recordings replayed for our enjoyment or you can go to their webpage to choose which recording you like to listen to. SL Aviation Network’s studio is located at Helvellyn, part of the East River Community.

SL14B opens at Noon(SLT) on 18th June through to 25th June. There is so much to do with free SL14B gifts, performances, fun rides, dances, displays and so much more. This years birthday celebration is one celebration you do not want to miss. You will need to visit throughout the eight days should you wish to see as much as possible.

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Come along and let your hair down and party with us. It’s going to be a heaps of fun.

Webpage and Landmarks

SL14B Schedule LINK

Impressive – Welcome Wagon


Sheree Honeyflower
(Cafe Sheree/Letterbox) Teleport





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