6th Annual Safety & Security Expo


One of the important role plays in Second Life are those involved with search & rescue, law enforcement and military. For those who are interested in looking at displays and demonstrations or maybe you are interested in possibly signing up, this is the demonstration for you.

The 6th Annual Safety and Security Demonstration is held this very weekend on Saturday 17th June and Sunday 18th June. Official open time is 10am SLT till 4pm SLT however you may get to speak to someone earlier. Featured activities will held between 10am SLT to 4pm SLT.

Abby and I were still in our bikinis having come straight from a sailing cruise. We spoke with some people from the groups on demonstration. They were all friendly and full of information.

Located at White Star Airfield, it is easy to travel however the airport is closed to all vehicle traffic during this weekend for the Expo.

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Teleport to the Expo HERE


Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree/Letterbox Teleport




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