Where Linden Lab is failing

Wow, maybe I should wait before I write this post but I need to get this out and it’s a damning article aimed at Linden Lab who are not doing their job in running an efficient gaming system where they are not maintaining their mainland sims as well as they once did.

Okay, let’s be fair. It’s not all of the grid but there are serious issues initially where the Blake Sea and Bingo Strait met. Over the past two months it has gradually worsened only for it to spread out to Sailor’s Cove as well.

It’s not long ago when Linden Lab let their sims fail which erupted into a JIRA where the number of angry Second Lifers active in sailing and flying listed their complaints with experiences of how bad this section of the grid is.

Now it’s back and I’ve had enough. I cannot fly or sail across this section of the grid without crashing or needing to relog after every 3 to 5 sims. Yesterday my boats kept losing its scripting from sim crossings while today’s group cruise had so many of us crashing. My final crash was having a handful of sims crashing and now Linden Lab’s servers has blocked me from relogging for however many hours it said.

Now this blog is a destination blog for Second Life. I have an airport destination series(SLAD) which requires needing to flying in and out of airports and over the surrounding sims but this has grown difficult for in the region of Blake/Bingo and now Sailors Cover it seems. Due to this, Virtually Sheree will no longer cover any destinations in this region as these areas has become too broken to bother attempting.

To Linden Lab, I ask them to get their act together. Why would people want to spend their time in a game that is being left to rot?


Sheree Honeyflower



One thought on “Where Linden Lab is failing

  1. I was on one of those cruises with you Sheree and I too had issues, but I put it down more to the number of people (and their laggy avi’s) and the type of boats being used rather than the sims being bad.
    I spend maybe 4 hours per day flying and sailing in the blake sea, and I rarely have any issues (currently averaging 35 hours of flight/sail time between crashes).
    As many of those sims are largely nothing but water, I’ve never understood how people have issues with them – I tend to think its more the nearby sims that are full of ugly old builds or new high resolution textured mesh that are the real cause of the issues. I know for me personally its always those amazingly beautiful, well detailed sims that make me lag and freeze more. Textures are a huge source of lag in SL.
    Your SL viewer plays a big part too – I use Firestorm, which isn’t the best for vehicles, but you can set it up different graphics presets which comes in handy. Certainly I have noticed that many who fly and sail are too heavily scripted, and their avatars complexity scores are also very high.
    The final point is something harder to fix, and thats real world location. No matter how good everything else is – SL is always slower for people living on the other side of the world, and that can’t be fixed, unfortunately.


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