Second Life’s AV Sitter is about to go ‘open source’.

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Code Violet, the creator of the popular AVsitter system used by many content creators in Second Life for sitting and posing avatars on furniture, vehicles, etc., has announced that she will be making the system available to the community as an open-sourced product under the GPL v2 license  from July 31st, 2017.

The announcement came via a post on the AVSitter support pages, which is also referenced in Code’s in-world profile.

By making AVsitter an open-source product, Code hopes users will be able to continue its development and extend its life without the need for her direct involvement.

“I’ve always tried to make products that I myself find useful, and to a standard that would allow others to enjoy them too,” she informed me as we discussed the forthcoming move.

“In 2010 I set out to make a sitter system for the kinds of furniture I wanted to…

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