Destination: Elven Quest

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Long ago before the days of industrial revolutions and the dominance of mankind, there was a time of peace where elves were dominant and orcs were kept at bay without much fuss. Elven Quest is a today’s destination of choice where role play with team and individual challenges, the daily life of work and trade, beautiful elegant castles and other structures and a natural ecology to make any country girl homesick, Elven Quest is a destination to keep you busy for days, weeks or months to discover everything.

Then again, sometimes I lie. With new builds underdevelopment, this amazing destination while dressed in medieval clothing to keep one modest will keep you entertained.

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Seals of two families joined in marriage

I had a dilemma when I first exploring Elven Quest, “Where do I start? Somebody call for rescue if I’m not seen for ages. I may be lost.”

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Important to know before you start are the rules. Elven Quest is a medieval roleplay requiring appropriate dress and behaviour. There are boxes of free outfit to start you off if you do not have medieval clothing and you would prefer to look around and experience Elven Quest before you dive in and fill your wardrobe with themed dress.

Apart from welcome messages, here you will find a teleport system, cheap as chips home rentals so you can live your role play should you wish to live here and there is a corridor on the right taking you to a NPC waiting to meet and talk with you. This is a must if you would like to get involved in individual challenges as you’re sent on your way.

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You start at Elven Quest sim called, Hyarmenlonde meaning southern city in the Elven language of Quenya. Here you will see a beautiful white city and explore a large white palace called, The Palace. There is a kitchen with eating area, halls, fishing, well maintained gardens and, well, I don’t want to spoil it for you by giving away all the information best self discovered.

From the city you venture along a river, through farming to a lush forest with great trees with more fishing spots. You may come across dwarves and a mine. “A MINE!”

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Talking of farming, fishing and mining, Elven Quest has a system which is unique to their location. It adds to your role play experience and keeps Elven Quest that special place which you will not find anywhere else. A system written to keep us honest so that we all have a fair chance. You can, if you have the nous, the ability to do things but I’m not going to tell you about them. Come and experience this for yourself.

Interactive plants to pick, rocks to mine and fish to fish, all which goes into your pouch. Dwarves will buy your rocks if you wish to sell to them. What you pick from plants have different uses including corn lure.

Talking about fishing, you have not been SL fishing until you try your hand at fishing here. Instead of buying bait, here you find your bait. You can pick corn lure or catch yabby should find their nets and they go to your pouch.

And they aren’t just any fish you find on Second Life, every fish you find here are real fish from across our very real planet. From continent to continent, there are fish from across the world so no matter where you’re from, you’re likely to find fish you know of and some you likely wouldn’t. You will need to get the fishing rod from here. Just ask.

When you see that swirling pool of water, you are at a fishing spot. You may find me at one of those fishing spots. There’s also something else here for fishing but you have to earn it. You need to be awarded it and you will have the best ten minutes of fishing in your life.


Don’t forget your woolens so you can cover up to prevent an icy chill at the ice lands. Here there is a massive castle to get lost in. And there’s a penguin here. Careful some animals here for if you are wearing your role play hud bringing you life and death, there are animals here or maybe even other things that might bring you death. I’m not saying that the penguin will harm you but we do know that all penguins are evil, right?

There are team challenges should you wish to partake in them. First team to take the flag wins. The losing team is sacrificed and fed to the dragon. Nah, not really but that would be really cool to watch, wouldn’t it?

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If you don’t like the cold but prefer a warmer climate, there is a volcano beckoning for you to go and say hello. Can you make it to the top? I hear they cook a nice steak.

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In exploring Elven Quest, here is a destination to get deep into for I have spent several hours here and given the grande tour by Torgo, who I must give gracious thanks for his time.

There are many activities to lose track of time with. Like the lady who will play a game if you sit with her and click on her. A game of strategy. Here are there concerts with live singers, a live reading and, I need to write more articles to include them all.

Another important bit of information you need to know is that you don’t need to empty your Linden purse to enjoy yourself here. In fact, you don’t need to spend any Lindens unless you would like to rent a cheap home here to live your Elven Quest. Anything else you may wish to purchase are from stores not attached so if you would like to buy yourself a beautiful outfit or body parts such as elf ears, go shopping around. You don’t need to spend your Lindens here. Elven Quest was created for all of us to have fun together regardless of your Linden spending power.

So come to Elven Quest. I’m sold. I joined their group.

Lissenen ar’ maska’lalaith tenna’ lye omentuva (Sweet water and light laughter till next we meet)

Elven Quest Ad

RFL Logo Whtie on Purple 256

2017 UACMF_official_poster

Elven Quest is a proud sponsor the 3rd Unmasking A Cure Medieval Faire is raising money to find a cure for cancer. All monies raised goes to Relay For Life(American Cancer Society).

The 3rd UAC Medieval Faire is on now with activities to take part in or watch, a stage to watch and listen to performers and a Merchant Market so buy medieval wares and help raise money to find a cure for cancer.

Landmarks and Websites

Elven Quest – Teleport

3rd UAC Medieval Faire – Teleport

Team Website – Link

Team Flickr – Link

Team Facebook – Link

Tolkien Languages  – Site of interest

Sheree Honeyflower

Cafe Sheree(Letterbox) – Teleport

Virtually Sheree – Link



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