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There are big airports and there big airports. If you are looking for an airport which feels like a complex airport, East River Intercontinental Airport(ERIA) is the airport for you. An airport with all the pedestrian twists and turns you would find in any large airport, an underground rail system and a road system connecting to Linden roads.

My first day to present myself at ERIA became a flight out on Sansara Airlines which I must say, is the best SL airline paint I have seen. I met with Captain Charley Johnson who was friendly, helpful and always in a professional manner. And a fantastic tour guide.

sansara flight dsa electrohawk_013Sansara Airlines – Captain Charley Johnson

East River Continental Airport(ERIA) is the major airport on the Sansara continent with access to many airports in different themes of which there are many on this wonderful continent. And if you want ease of flying, again, flying in and fly out of ERIA.

Both ERIA and the East River Municipal Airport come under the auspices of the East River Community connected by roads, boating and flying. An expanding community undergoing major redevelopment across the city where you can explore the arts, enjoy a drink at any cafe and plenty of shopping. There is also a rail network system of three lines to travel.

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If you have not visited ERIA before, take your time and be prepared to be lost. This is no ordinary straight up and down, this is an airport which feels real. It won’t take long to understand the system. A big score for realism.

There train system at the airport transports passengers on two lines. One is a circle system reaching across the airport. The second line travels to Grizedale/Kirkstone sims with a stop at Helvellyn where a developing business centre with the arts and more is waiting for you.

A third line line travels between Washingham – Westgate to Katzegarten – Brooks East. Brooks East is your stop for East River Municipal Airport.

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Not attached to the East River Community by group are the many zones accessible from ERIA by plane and boat. Travel by sea will take you to the Sea of Fables. Land and sea offers access to skiing and a winter wonderland of snow snow snow. And then there’s the excess to Bay City and other locations by air and sea, easier by air.

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The East River Intercontinental and East River Municipal Airports both share the features of ease of access to surrounding regions and like its smaller cousin, ERIA is smooth to fly in and out as you zip across sim with minimal of fuss. How East River Community has developed this complex city without painful lag and the death eaters of sim crossing astounds me.

No matter which aircraft I flew from small to large commercial airliner, my only issues dealing me the hand of death were my pilot errors as I am not use to landing without the glitches and stutters of sim crossings into airports. The little you get here is minimal so be prepared to land quickly without fuss.

I am so impressed with ERIA and the East River Community that I had Dahlia, one of my best friends to fly in on commercial for a tour and to show her a little project my girlfriend and I are currently working on in this area.

Chia_001Chia (volchia.ferduccio)

And finally, the place we travelers need at any quality major airport is somewhere to chill before we fly out. East River Intercontinental Airport has friendly staff who won’t bug you as you enjoy fine beverages.

Mmm, I’m feeling like a yummy beverage now.



ERIA Main Entrance – Teleport

ERIA Runway – Landmark

ERIA Port Access – Landmark

Helvellyn Centrum Station – Teleport

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Cafe Sheree & Letterbox – Teleport