UAC: Diana is Home

UAC: Diana is Home

blackberry fae_001

Diana was walking through the forest near her home when she saw a glowing pink light in the shadow. Diana went off to explore as she had never noticed this part of the forest despite having lived and walked through all of her life yet at the age of ten years.

“Hello Diana”, Breena greeted the young girl entering their magic circle for the first time.

“Where, where am I?”, Diana whispered to the pretty fairy holding a bucket of blueberries.

“Oh my darling”, continued Breena, “You are in a magical place where you no need worry no more.”

blackberry fae_002

“Yes”, the second fae added. “My name is, Faylinn, we are here to welcome you.”

Feeling stunned, Diana spoke softly, “You knew I was coming?”

“Oh yes, we are who pulled you to us so you would come to us and not get lost along your way for we are here to help you find your way home. Come, follow us and we will guide you”, Faylinn soothing tone.

blackberry fae_003

blackberry fae_004

Through the magical enchanted tunnel they went, Diana following as Breena and Faylinn took her towards a bright golden light, radiating the pink in the sky until she met a pretty fae resting on a mushroom holding something in her hand.

“Greetings young Diana”, the third fae spoke, looking up from her mushroom where she sat, “I am called, Maurelle. Don’t be afraid, we are here to guide you home and you will not have worry any more. Just take a bite of this fruit and all your feeling of sickness and sadness will be no more.”

Realising what Maurelle’s words meant, her thoughts went straight to her family.

“But what about Mummy and Daddy and my brother, Scotty?”, Diana asked as a tear droplet leaked from her eye.

“Your family are with you right now and want what is best for you. Worry no more, my dear. Your family understand and will be with you, and you with them at all times.”

Faylinn held the fruit out to Diana as the golden light glowed, beckoning her to enter. Take the piece of fruit, Diana bit, feeling a new warmth travel throughout her body as a new feeling of health and all worries vanish as she found herself enter the glowing ball of light as it enveloped her.

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The 3rd Annual Unmasking A Cure Medieval Faire for Relay For Life, the American Cancer Council to raise money in finding a cure for cancer held from May 19th to June 18th where you can have a lot of enjoyment with activities including DJ’s and medieval activities as you help raise money by donating at any of the Relay For Life tip jars across two sims. And don’t forget to explore the merchant markets for a large range of fantastic items you can purchase and help find a cure for cancer.

Items included in photos for sale are by, Simply Shelby who sells whimsy for your home and garden.

fae_006Products by Simply Shelby

* Kitchen Herbs Planter/window box
* Enchanted Wildflower Tunnel
* Blueberry fae
* Blackferry fae
* Mushroom fairy pink


3rd UAC Medieval Faire Entry Point

Simply Shelby’s Merchant Stall

3rd UAC Flickr Link3rd Annual UAC MF FOR RFL MAP

RFL Logo Whtie on Purple 256

2017 UACMF_official_poster

Virtually Sheree 3rd UAC Flickr LINK
Cafe Sheree – Letterbox at Landmark


3 Comments Add yours

  1. What a nice story! It made me feel very soft and gliding into a new world … but I have to stay here to take care of my family. It would be really a nice dream to have all beloved people around me in that realm of light !
    Kind regards,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yanah Yasha says:

    OMG, what a nice Story, I have to admit I have tears in my eyes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading today’s post, Yanah. It’s always sad to lose our innocent ones. ♥


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