UAC: Solstice Sorceress Stews a Cure

UAC: Solstice Sorceress Stews a Cure


rfl angel fae solstice sorceress_001

The blonde haired Norse Sorceress boiled and toiled her cauldron’s brew late into the foggy night during the waning moon in seeking wisdom from spirits in curing an illness when her closest mortal ally fell ill.

rfl angel fae solstice sorceress_003

Looking out through the magical smoke of the cauldron of which they were summoned, spirit offered the sorceress a message to share with her friends, family and community.

“To help find a cure for cancer, encourage those around you to visit the 3rd Annual UAC Medieval Faire Benefiting Relay for Life from May 19th to June 18th, 2017 where merchants will trade your L$ support in finding a cure for cancer with an item of your choosing at their stalls. Spirit’s bless you, loving Sorceress of the Norse.”

rfl angel fae solstice sorceress_004

Please help us find a cure for cancer by visiting any of the many merchants trading at the ‘3rd Annual Unmasking a Cure Medieval Faire’ from May 19th – June 18th where there are many items to purchase and locations to donate Lindens.

RFL Logo Whtie on Purple 256

Outfit by Angel Fae Boutique, wearing ‘Solstice Sorceress in Mesh -RFL’
Landmark for Faire Stall – Angel Fae Boutique

Landmark for Entrance to UAC Medieval Faire Shopping Village



Teleport to American Cancer Society: TP Landmark

Team Website:
Twitter: @unmaskingacure and @mary_teodosio
Plurk: or
Google+: mary teodosio

2017 UACMF_official_poster


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