Paris Love Affair: Falling

34504825591_405f64fcbc_kJe suis tombé amoureux de Paris.

I don’t quite know how to express my feelings. Not yet.

Only three days into our holiday at Paris, France and we have been absorbed into the love of this beautiful city. The City of Paris really is the City of Love.

I don’t know how or why but it is.

A casual tourist stroll around on our first full day and we spent our third day shopping for new clothing. Something for the evening’s dance under the Eiffel Tower. We found Abby’s dress first and then feeling over consumed by all these emotions and my need to just be with Abby, Abby helped me find something for me to wear. I even had her choose the colour of the dress once we found the perfect dress.

dance eiffel tower_011

We drove from our hotel to the Eiffel Tower, parking only a little away where we joined everyone on the dance floor. Everyone was talking in French so we didn’t really know what they were saying but that was irrelevant as those around us faded out where only Abby and I existed.

Lights spun round in a blur as we danced the evening away to music in English and Français. Our bodies brushing, touching, pressing as we fell. Our eyes rarely leaving our gaze as we fell for each other. So fallen that nobody was dancing but us when we looked around. Everybody had left but the few who hung back to talk with each other. The musique had stopped but not for us as our hearts danced together.

We came to Paris as friends and lovers. We dined as our friendship further bonded. By the end of this dance by the end of our third full day, we fell, entwined in each others arms as our hearts beat as one.

We came to Paris as lovers. We fell in love in Paris.

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Paris 1900 Landmark

Paris Information Landmark

*Photos are taken by, Abby Fraser & Sheree Honeyflower(me).


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