Paris Love Affair: L’amour et La Musée du Louvre

snuggling abby from behind_001
Bonjour mon amour

“Bonjour mon amour”, I whisper to Abby as I wrap my arms up around her on our first morning in Paris, “Je t’aime”.

“Je t’aime aussi”, Abby replied in our loving embrace on the ottoman.

Feeling only the fading effect of jet lag drowned by wine, Abby and I were keen to set out to explore this Parisian lifestyle. Somehow we made it out of our room or somehow Abby made it out alive with me sniffing her hair as I nuzzled her neck and poor French pronunciations.

train_002“I love the map detail but where are these coloured lined on the roads?”

We set out into the living breathing City of Paris looking like every other tourist with an admiration of road maps and neither of us knew where to start so we left it to each other until we agree to visit La Louvre.

“Let’s walk.”
“But Paris is so big, we should ride the tram.”

Mmm, the scent of foods and coffees in the air, the rumble of traffic and clomp clomp clomping of the feet passing by, we were very excited. Maybe it was our excitement which made the wait for the tram feel far too long to wait so we chose to take the walking tour. And wow, what a beautiful scenic walking tour we took. So many more fun things to add to our list of ‘What to do”.

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Abby and I walked and walked, taking in so much of the city as we found a carousel, Moulin Rouge, an entertainment centre, a dog peeing on the pole with a look of happy relief on his face, coffee shops, clothing stores and all with my beautiful lady by my side.

La Louvre

After taking in some of the city street sights of Paris City, we nipped over to La Louvre, a multi level museum of the arts. A beautiful building with an impressive display of artwork throughout. And the chairs are comfy but not enough room for me to squish Abby.

Sheree: “Is that your stomach I hear growling?”
Abby: “I have a whole panther in here wanting to feed.”
Sheree: “I heard different.”
Abby: “Oh really? What did you hear?”
Sheree: “More of an opinion really.”
Abby: “Are you going to tell me or do I have to suck it out from your mouth”
Sheree: “You might need to suck more than that.”
Abby: “OMG Sheree!”

So much to do here in Paris. So much more to do in Paris now that we saw more here than we thought there was. A wonderful day of exploring by foot, looking at romantic couples and the cute gay couple who stopped us for a little chat. Glad they spoke English because our French is abysmal.

Our tummies were rumbling. Well, mine had a growing grumble. Abby’s was growling for a hunt. I’m sure I heard her stomach calling my name.

“How about the restaurant just over the road from here, darling?”, I asked.

“Sure, why not?”, Abby replied, almost dragging me out of my comfortable chair so she could settle her stomach.

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What a beautiful way to conclude the day. A romantic dinner together as we rested our feet and feed our starving tummies as we were lost in each other’s eyes. Those beautiful browns eyes and soft lips.

We ate as the sun went down, the light blue sky turned dark and my baby’s face was illuminated by candlelight. The food was scrumptious, filling and just enough.

And then it was time to head home and retire. Two women high on Parisian love, laughing all the way back to our room as we held each other in our arms, kissing intermittently along the way.

33737713014_e2cd4acfeb_z“I love you, baby”… “I love you too, darling”

Having safely made our way home, we fell into bed, falling into a satisfied sleep as we cuddled.
Paris 1900 Landmark

Virtually Sheree Office Landmark
Cafe Sheree Landmark

*Photos are taken by Abby and Sheree*



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