Paris Love Affair – Abby & I Arrive

I would like to share with you, my lovely readers, one of my friends in Second Life who is important to me, Abby Fraser. Abby is more than just a friend. Abby is one of my lovers. And I thank her loving partner, Finn who is open to mutually consensual relationships where a couple may have another lover/s who are special to them.

abby packing_006Admiring Abby as she packs our bags.

With her loving partner’s blessing, Abby and I decided that we needed time alone where we can be intimate in privacy but where could we go? And then it hit us, “Let’s holiday at Paris!”

Studying Abby lips mouth ‘Paris’ in her awful fake French accent was enough for me. We booked our flights and accommodation, snuggled up close as we spoke of our first romance away from home in Paris. If there is a city to grow love in intimacy, it is Paris.

abbys boob tfia - Copy
“He’s watching us”, by Abby

At the Airport. “that guard is watching us again. Let’s give him something to look at, shall we?”

waiting to board_001

After a cheeky kiss before walking through the security scanner, we sat near the boarding gate where we saw our plane preparing. A wait which always feels a life time but with Abby, time is on our side where every moment together is a golden moment. So I sat playing with her hair as she lay on my lap, looking at me with her pretty face. We were incredibly excited as we waited for our flight. No idea how many times I kissed those sweet lips as we waited.

flying out_002

Holding hands, we sit close, holding hands, our hearts beating as we rumble into the sky.

I have to say, I didn’t know that Abby could get so hungry but ate she did, stuffing her face with first class foods and drinking wine together. Is it love when your heart beats louder from watching food fall out of a ravenous mouth? Food really does taste good when you lick it off the side of her mouth.

Abby – “The Air Hostess likes you!”
Sheree – “You think everyone likes me but they’re really eying you.”
Abby – “I saw her looking down your top every time she walks past.”
Sheree – “I think she was looking for traces of your lipstick.”

We are here

Arrived at the hotel, yay! – Belle Vue

arrived cuddling_006

After a long yet exciting flight, we made it to Paris, France. After flying McKeenan Aviation whose commercial plane I highly recommend. What a flight! Who knew he employed such sex kittens. The man has taste.

After the hustle and bustle of going through the airport and the taxi ride to our accommodation, and a driver who kept looking in his rear vision mirror to perve on Abby. Who wouldn’t? We arrived at our room, put out bags down, broke open our first bottle of French wine and collapsed on the bed. It was my time to snuggle in so I could look up and admire her from down here. She really is belle.

arrived cuddling_001
“We really are in Paris together, my darling Abby. I love you so much!”

After our initial snug, sipping of French wine and a nap, we explored one of our balconies and wow, our view is ‘magnifique’. I can’t believe these surreal emotions from living and breathing in the beautiful French city, Paris. And with the most beautiful woman in all of Paris. I couldn’t feel any happier than I am right now. I now know that I am deeply in love. Amoureux. I am one very lucky girl.

“Hey, Abby”, I said as I sipped my wine while looking at the beauty of Paris.

“Yes, love?”, my darling Abby replied.

“Do you think we should marry here in Paris?”, I said, turning to look at her.

Abby giggled, “Maybe.”


Art of Love by, Abby

And we laughed, we giggled, we sat quietly together sipping from delicious bottles of French wine, absorbing the atmosphere of love, Parisian style.

It was late as time flew by. So easy to lose track of time when you’re in the company of your soul mate.

“Come on, my love”, Abby said, taking my hand to lead me back inside, “It’s getting late and we need our rest.”

Paris 1900 Landmark

Paris Information Landmark

My Paris Photo Album on Flickr

Avec amour



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