GFW: 24 Hour DJ Marathon Event

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There are events and there are EVENTS!

This weekend has to be the most busiest Second Life weekends I have ever had since joining three years. Not only was it the busiest, it was the funnest weekend I have had in Second Life to date. OMGoddess, I’m still on a high and I haven’t had an ounce of weed. Not even a smidgen. I promise.

This weekend, I spent most of my weekend dancing at two events. The event I wish to share with you is the 24 Hour DJ Marathon hosted and organised by, Gay Fun World. A fun filled twenty four hours for everyone. Some of us stayed for a short time and were there for just about the whole twenty four hours if not the whole twenty four hours. I came once then returned twice more where I stayed and partied for quite some time. No idea how long. Don’t ask me.


Held at Gay Fun World, the GFW 24 Hour DJ Marathon raised L$65,000 in donations from staff and guests with proceeds going to the Annual Gay Pride Festival held Friday June 23 – Sunday July 2. And with a line of fantabulous DJ’s donating their time to help raise funds, an awesome time was had by all where the chat in local was jubilant and at times had me not daring to drink anything in safety of my computer.

Special thanks and mentions goes to HD (herrdirektor), the General Manager who organised the event and Event Sponsors, HUGS and Izzys House of Weed and Greymmyst Properties. Thank you so much!


As for me, I had so much fun as I discovered some music that I like and tunes I had not heard before such as ‘Darth Vader Return of the Jedi(Interactive Noise Remix)’ played by, DJ Krimm. Unless I’m mistaken.

One of the many things I love about being part of the LGBTQI community is how supportive we are of each other. Ask one a question and if they don’t know, someone else will help and me being me, I ask questions. One awesome man who I was chatting with gave me rainbow flags to hold, rainbow pompoms and a sexy rainbow ball along with some other cool and fun items. Big hugs to you.

And friends. Goddess I love my friends. Big hugs for you who accepted my puppy dog eyes to come join me in the fun with me. Yes, I mean you(Dahria, Abby and Mei). And the ever cute Angel who I met who burned a box of candles and created a jump in coffee sales to stay awake for this marathon.

And oh, the shops. I had a little stroll around while here and bought an item of clothing that isn’t one I would not normally buy how could I resist?

Officer Sheree says, “You’re under arrest. You will be body searched, cuffed and…”

Now for the DJ’s who will all get a mention because you guys rocked!

DJ HD, DJ Crixus, DJ Ezzie, DJ Junior / Junior Nakim-Lenoir (eclecticedwin), DJ Karson, DJ TarZan, DJ Krimm, DJ Tina and Jimmy, DJ Mark NightStalker and Crystal, DJ Fusion, DJ Evan. *If I missed anyone, I apologise. You rocked too!*

The 24 Hour DJ Marathon is an important event to help fund the 12th Annual Second Pride Festival 2017, a Second Life Pride Event. The 12th annual opening ceremonies June 24th kicks off with a week long celebration of pride in second life culminating with a T-Dance Sunday July 2.  A full schedule of DJ’s and performers, vendor shops, carnival rides, and event venues all packed into one sim promising to be the best festival of the summer so come along and enjoy yourself and don’t forget to bring your friends.

And thank you, Evan Greymyst.

Please enjoy the photos I included for you. And the Ken Doll. So cute!

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Gay Fun World – Landmark

Love you all.


Sheree Honeyflower
Virtually Sheree
Office Landmark
Cafe Sheree Landmark



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