Belle’s Botanical Garden Bed & Breakfast

Bay City: Belle’s Botanical Garden Bed & Breakfast


Dear Readers,

I would like to share with you a new business venture in Second Life which is friendly to all people who would like to spend a holiday as guests in a bed and breakfast or as I’m use to, B&B.

Tucked away in a neat parcel alongside a canal is a young family owned establishment managed by, Belle with the company of her two bright and very cute children, Taelor(son) and Kit(daughter). Together they give us Second Lifer’s a beautiful B&B called, Belle’s Botanical Garden Bed & Breakfast at Bay City – Handa.

Snapshot_062The Mistwallow Jameson Family(left to right); Kit, Belle and Taelor

I feel very lucky to have met Belle’s family who I hope to meet again at any time. I swear I could keep them for myself. You heard that right. Free range Sheree said that.

Opening up this week, Belle’s Botanical Garden Bed and Breakfast is, I admit my first ever B&B to stay in so I cannot compare to others but I don’t need to. I love it here. I love the service. I love the decor. I love the atmosphere. I just love it here.

There are two rooms you may stay over, the Golden Autumn Room and Spring Bloom Room.

Snapshot_047Golden Autumn Room – L$150 for 1 week. Pay for longer stay if you wish.

Snapshot_038Spring Bloom Room – L$300 for 1 week. Pay for longer stay if you wish.

Check In from 3pm(SLT). Check out 12noon(SLT). Should you require any special requests or requirements regarding checking in/out, contact Belle and see what you can negotiate.

On paying your rent, you will be invited to join the local group which is your key to access the home, your room and sits. Group membership is valid for the time of you paid stay. Guests have a prim of 35.

Some of you may ask, “Why would I want to spend Lindens to stay over at a B&B?”.

I asked myself the same question so I took the plunge and put my hand up to take a room when Belle announced an opening special I couldn’t turn down and let me tell you, this is no ordinary Second Life hotel where you stay over in a room with a dull environment as you sit there twiddling your pixels only to leave because it was boring. Nope, not this B&B.

At Belle’s Botanical Garden Bed & Breakfast you receive friendly customer service, interactive fridge, sweets, drinks, a beautiful garden to adore, a homely home which feels like home. The type of home where I found myself thinking, “Hey, this place is so cool that I could move in or at least know who to hire to decorate my next home.

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Living Room

In an interactive living room is an interactive television which is jam packed with children’s cartoon including Bugs Bunny among many other classics.

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Kitchen, Dining and Laundry Rooms

I didn’t test the laundry however the kitchen bench is interactive and you can interact with the fridge. The dining room has a beautiful tea set and small sweets.

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Spring Bloom Bedroom

Both bedrooms have a fridge, safe, flatscreen tv and a bed. You click the tv remote to turn the tv on just like a real tv. I relaxed to a little Youtube listening to some of my favourite female singers.

Secure Guest Parking Facilities

Parking on the street can be such a pain in the bottom. Guests have their own parking space in a secure space and rear access entry from the car park for your ease and personal safety.

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Garden and Bathroom

Gardens. I sat outside falling in love with these pretty flowers. I want to roll around among them but that wouldn’t be good for the flower. I mean, aren’t they gorgeous? And the bathroom is just outside where you will find the loo and shower.

Staying over in the Golden Autumn Room was Dahlia Jayaram. I tell you, it felt like we were long time co-sharing as flat mates as we sat together eating popcorn and watching cartoons on the retro television. I would especially like to thank Dahlia for helping me with trying out many of the couples poses as were both there on our own.

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Couples pose testing with Dahlia

Dahlia and I had a lot of fun testing out most of the couples poses. This is a family orientated B&B so please understand that there aren’t any sex animations so everyone including children are welcome. And it is Bay City. A city for everyone.

I would like to thank Belle for inviting me to stay over for a night as a guest. I am very happy that I did because just as Belle’s idea consists, that is making friends, I met Dahlia who I hope, will remain friends with for a long time. Getting to socialise with Belle, her super cute children Taelor and Kit, and beautiful co-house guest, Dahlia all who made my stay so much more enjoyable.

I can’t wait to return to Belle’s Botanical Garden Bed & Breakfast for a longer stay.



Sheree Honeyflower

Office – Basinghurst Aerodrome
Cafe Sheree


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