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Dear pilots, we all know how we like to prefer one particular continent which is a shame as it leaves us poorer off when we don’t include other continents. This week’s Second Life Airport Destination takes us to the East River Community with two airports. The airport I’m writing about this week is the East River Municipal Airport.

I first heard of the East River Municipal Airport listening to SL Aviation Network Radio.

East River Municipal Airport is a small airport packing with “What shall we do here?” efforts as there is so much to do here in easy short walking distance making this one airport to not ignore but first, the airport.

Land information – Public use airstrip in the East River Community.  Aircraft tiedown rentals available.  10 minute autoreturn unless part of the Community.

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world map municipal airport

If you tp to East River Municipal Airport, take the landmark at the bottom of this article and poof inside the passenger terminal which is a neat building where you will find customer service desks, coffee and if there’s someone there to check you and your bags, there’s a pat down point just past the body scanner.

The runway is short making this airport suitable for small and medium planes. If you follow the red line I marked on the world map, that is the safest route to fly in/out. I found it quick with limited lag and sim crossing issues so beware, distracted pilots will crash land or find themselves across the river and over land before they know it. I approached low in my D-300, needing to use reverse to quicken my braking though I possibly could have approached a tad slower at 30% thrust.

For my test flights, this is an easy airport to fly in and out. All aircraft handled well however I did have a little trouble using my McKeenan Dragonfly and Mayfly for some reason. Maybe it was my pilot error.

I had a lot of fun flying my D-Caravan. She handled superbly and landed in the river without hassle, not including landing a little too soon only to land at the nude beach instead of the airport. East River Municipal Airport isn’t set up for seaplanes as you can see in the photo above however, I’m sure you could get away with it in a smaller seaplane.

In fact, the low lag made my flying an awesome experience without a single sim crossing making life difficult. It was largely smooth flying. The smaller the plane the funner.

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So why should you try East River?

The East River Community covers a number of sims. They are currently rebuilding some regions and looking for interested parties to who would like to contribute and take ownership of parcels to create something which adds to their community.

For something to do, you can easily sail and fly. My first visit was a flight in my Virtually Sheree D-300 from Bay City to the East River Municipal Airport. It was easy and fun and let me tell you that after an enjoyable flight, looking around to find such a vibrant location was awesome.

Connected to this small regional airport is a train, a vineyard, parkland and a cafe which currently needs a little detour to get there due to rebuilding. There’s also water access and not far away at all is a clothing optional nude beach with permission to rez your own objects so you can sit or lay on your own beach furniture or play with your beach toys. And the black eye for privacy is on so no worries about people sitting just outside looking in. There is also a temp rez kayak for you to take and explore the river sitting one and two people. Just select your requirements from the options given to you when you click.

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And yes, they do have Police on the beat as I sped along the road with a noisy muffler where I met Officer Blackheart.

There really is a lot to explore here whether you travel by road, sea, air or ninja teleporting. So much to see and do. So much to return to see and if you like, move in and become a resident yourself.



East River Municipal Airport – TP
East River Nude Beach – TP

SL Aviation Network Radio – Link

Blue skies.

Sheree Honeyflower