Magic of Oz 2017 Egg Hunt


If you’re into exploring and looking in, around and under things in hope for something such as chocolate or prize eggs, the best bunny of them all has scattered heaps of eggs for us to find and we have until the 16th of April to get in and find these eggs to collect your prizes.

What you do is get your bunny butt to Magic of Oz and click the sign to receive your basket and note card so you know what to do. It’s easy where even I was able to do this without a splattered brain but not too easy.

When you find an egg, click on that baby and it will message you in local chat. Wait for the message about how your egg is all tucked away safe in your basket before you click on another egg or you risk losing the egg that’s saving in the basket. Beware though, some of these eggs are cheeky and will poof on you and move elsewhere.

You collect six eggs per prize. Each time you collect your sixth egg, you will receive a choice of store. Choose one and a folder will be sent to you to accept. They’re eggs you wear on your head when you go to collect. There are eight stores. To collect, you visit the store on the sim where you can still search for more eggs, stand close to the basket and add the eggs. They will attach to your head. Click the basket and your prize will be delivered to you and your egg hat will auto-detach.


It’s a lot of fun. Go as yourself, dress as a bunny, go with friends… Go nuts!

I had a lot of fun and I am very happy with my prizes. Some of them are posted here for you to see.

Magic of Oz Egg Hunt Entry

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