Blue Lagoon Naturist Estate

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This blog is for all of you out there who understand that clothes look best on racks or sizzling on a bonfire. And also those of us who understand that being naked does not equate sex or some kind of kinky demonic fetish kink but know that being naked is about freedom of the restrictions placed on us by those who structure societies in how we live and interact because when we’re all naked, we’re all equal.

Whether you are looking for a naturist estate to visit or even better, live, then tear off that clothing and burn them. Then TP your nudity to the Blue Lagoon Naturist Estate and absorb some essential Vitamin D. Pssst… don’t forget the sunscreen. 30+ should do.

bicycle rezzer_005

Owned by Marcy who I have known and who has been my landlady for much of my time in Second Life since she owned the old Blue Lagoon Marina at Eden Naturist Estate which moved to Fruit Islands, the Blue Lagoon Naturist Estate(BLNE) is now on its own in a healthy organic way.

And furries, you’re welcome too.

With the help of Marcy’s committed BLNE Team, here is a new living estate which deserves to thrive. It’s not just about being naked here. It’s about being you and community. There are fun things to do including the dance venue but not just dancing and sailing because unlike most naturist estates, this isn’t just about sailing. No, there are temp rezzers scattered around the estate like the hang glider, an ultralight, bicycles, paddle boats and more. And there’s a road.

Yes, you heard right, a road to ride a bike or drive a car. And a tunnel along part of the ocean floor. And there’s even two ferries to ferry your auto across the sea to continue your leisurely drive.

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And sailing is a breeze. I have sailed my little Bandit 25 and my Bandit 60 throughout BLNE with ease. Just join the group at the office and you can rez across the estate. Below are some sailing photos I took while navigating my Bandit 50.

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And did I mention temp rezzers? Hell yeah, I did. There are rezzers across the estate. You can either go searching for them or take the lazy way and read where they are in the NC you collect at the Office where you can touch an Admin panel, look at residential parcels for sale or rent, bake your sexy body under the Great Linden Sun. Or some other stuff. Go, look, explore, go in pastie white and leave sun smooched. And don’t forget the sunscreen.

Oh that’s right, I was talking about temp rezzers. Look below. Right below this. Take in the awesomeness.

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You know what bores me about naturist estates?

They’re either sex joints or it’s all sand sand sand. You would think those of us with a preference for natural non sexual nudity are all about getting hot and steam on a beach with sand getting in our bits. And then there’s BLNE.

So what is so special and different about BLNE?

Well for one, I told you so.

Secondly, it’s frigging awesome!

And thirdly, there are various scenes for you pleasure. There’s sand parcels, houseboats, boat houses, New England feels, an even greener feels with a dirt residential road and there’s a Dutch section. And there’s a commercial zone where you get your Dutch feels. And boat slips.

And there’s an airport. And yes, you can rent hangars, tie downs and slips for seaplanes. And a couple helipads. I would recommend small planes as it’s a small airport with a short runway. Even better, no ban lines and no instant orbs like you get on mainlands.

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Look. Seriously, look at the awesomeness of BLNE. There’s even a chapel and the small cemetery for you dark ghoulish freaky sexy people out there. And a lighthouse and go look, bring your pixel over and feel the raw natural non-public sex scene life of BLNE. This includes you furries out there. Furries wearing clothing, pfffft… fur is for blowing in the breeze and having ruffled. You can’t ruffle fur when you’re smothered by clothing.

And you know what else is here?

A racing track. And not only a racing track. There’s a diner and a car sales where Rachel has the car for you. The racing track is in the sky. Don’t let looks fool you. You won’t fall off and plummet to your death with splattered pixels on the ground.

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And up in the sky above the office is a place to jiggle your pixels. And while I have not included the photo as it was being set up while I was taking photos of this most wonderful estate, there is also a stage outside the office, on the beach. There are also chairs and towels to rest your naked pixels.

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And not to forget, the office.

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And yes, yes yes yes, I live here too. The estate rules here are pretty simple. Respect each other and each others space. Don’t harass. No public sex. Just have fun.

And if you move in, you buy ownership rights. Click on the Land tab and buy the land at the fee shown. Then pay your tier of at least one week. You can control of your music stream and privacy. And if you rent, you also have control of your privacy and streaming in your parcel.

You couldn’t get a better bunch of people to live around.

So what ya waiting for?

Light that bonfire and throw your clothes on it, dance a merry ritual around the burning embers of that once were clothing and pixel away at the Blue Lagoon Naturist Estate. It’s frigging awesome.

Main Office Landmark —-> Rising Sun Isle


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