Inworld Subscriber Panels

Hi everyone.

After a little time away due to illness, I’m back and getting into the groove of destination blogging for you and I’m glad to be back to explore and share cool and fun places to visit and explore.

Now not everyone has the ability to know when I post a new article since not every reader has a WordPress account and not everyone is a blogger. I’m fixing this issue for those who would like to know when I am posting new items by setting up subscriber panels at venues where they are wanted. All you need to do is click the panel to subscribe/unsubscribe.

I have noticed that for some people, I receive the subscriber’s email account known to Second Life. I do not need to know your email address so in cases when I am forwarded this information, I will be deleting this information without storage. I don’t need your personal email so if you feel concerned about this, please feel assured that I am not keeping a record of them as they are deleted from my email account.

Subscription panels for Virtually Sheree have been set up at; Sheree’s Garden Cafe, Baitoushan International Airport, Gordon Regional Airport, Rachel’s Garage(Blue Lagoon Naturist Estate), Tuarua Fiji International Airport and at my new office at, Basinghurst Aerodrome. My blogging offices are now found at, Sheree’s Garden Cafe and at Basinghurst Aerodrome.

Dear reader, I am thankful for all the support I have received in writing this Second Life destination blog with extra thanks given to Titus(RSYC), Luke(Baitoushan Airport & SL Aviation Radio) for promoting my cafe(blog, Luke) and a Jenny who let me set up an office at her airfield, Basinghurst Aerodrome so I could have an airport presence since I am writing airport/airfield destination articles(SLAD).

New destinations coming soon.

Hugs and Blue Skies!

Sheree Honeyflower
(LifeOfSheree Resident)

Virtually Sheree Offices

Sheree’s Garden Cafe(Upstairs) – LINK
Basinghurst Aerodrome – LINK








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