SLAD 4: Gordon Regional Airport


An airport with a difference for this week’s Second Life Airport Destination where we head over to the Sharp Continent(formerly Teen Grid) where there are three airports under the one group which is all up co-owned/shared by group of friends. Gordon Regional Airport is the airport I’ll primarily be dealing with. Requested by, Vessla. Part owner of Gordon Regional Airport.

First thing first, the lag? What lag? The fps rate? My fps rate was incredible at a rate double to what I usually have across much of Second Life. I’m talking the 80’s fps. I would say that this is helped along not only a low script airport and being surrounded by Linden owned sims which are clear of orbs for your arrival and departure.

If you see the photos of the runway above, Runway Three-Six is best for departures(180m). Ignore runway two-seven(140m) mostly. It is very short and there is one little parcel which will boot you in the adjacent parcel but it is on the far side across from the airport sim line, and it’s a tiny parcel. If you depart using runway 36, you have ample space to leave, gain height and turn back on the adjacent sims to your right. Fly down the centre of the sims for smooth flying. On arriving at Gordon Regional Airport, a short walk over to the staff panels is a map with the suggested flight path. There are few orbs/bans on this continent and they generally know where they do interfere with flight to help fellow aviators.

If you need assistance, somebody will get to you asap. I found Vessla’s help very useful with his indepth knowledge and passion of the Sharp Continent. There is so much to see here. There’s a small city, mid way along the continent is a region with a lot to investigate and I found pod car tours.

Three airports/airfields are; Gordon Regional Airport(Gordon sim), Yarmouth Airfield(Yarmouth sim) and Reggiano Arctic Research Airfield(Reggiano sim).

Yarmouth Airfield is a short dirt airstrip which isn’t for the beginner as one direction is crossing low over a bridge and the other direction is the standard near the sim crossing. Poor inexperienced me had a little trouble landing with my D-Arrow VI.

Reggiano Arctic Research Airfield is higher up the mountain with a permanent snow coverage. The landing is a uphill which should help your plane slow down.

These airports are best for bush planes, none of which I own so I used a few aircraft of my own including my little aircraft which has the best first person view as you fly over to explore.

Gordon Regional Airport opened in the first week of January, 2017 which is evolving as it is further built to meet the needs of aviators. Being a regional airport, there is minimal lighting just like the real thing. This is the largest of the airports. While there aren’t any group activities at the moment, there are plans to organise activities in the near future to attract aviators such as hosting air races and flight training. They’re also considering the occasional flight parody of BBC road tv show, Top Gear.

There is plenty to explore across the Sharp Continent without group activities including a monorail traveling through the built up city.

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Gordon Regional Airport LM

Yarmouth Airfield LM

Reggiano Arctic Research Airfield LM


I love receiving reader’s requests. I am interested in all destinations. Mostly G and M rated but not only. I will consider A rated destinations.

For SLAD, keep passing over those airport ideas. The more the merrier. I now have a letterbox at the entrance to my cafe, Sheree’s Garden Cafe where you can leave a notecard with your messages.


Blue Skies.

Sheree Honeyflower



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