Shoshin Retreat


Today’s destination is Shoshin Retreat which I found on Klaus Bereznyak’s Flickr page whose photos got me pumping to visit and check out. Klaus takes photos which captures the spirit of locations well.

Shoshin Retreat is a mainland location(Sledge) with a beautiful natural dry landscape with a cute and cosy caravan with games to play with friends including a memory game. The music stream is toe tapping jazz. My feet are dancing as I sit here at Shoshin Retreat right now as I type away.

You don’t realise how much you’re a coffeeholic until you investigate inworld for a coffee machine like some crazy person having withdrawal twitches. Alas I did not find any drink offerings but I did find cake. Mmm, cat face cupcakes. Yum!

Stroll outside and explore the parcel. There is seating immediately outside, a lovely romantic dining for two set up and an outdoor table setting with small local crop harvest and a gorgeous pooch to keep you company. There’s also an apiary. Don’t disturb the bees though. They’re busy making delicious raw honey.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Did I tell say there is a reading room at Shoshin Retreat? No? Shame on me. It’s near the apiary. A cosy little room to chill with a book in a beautiful setting.

Shoshin Retreat. Go treat yourself and leave refreshed.

Landmark for Shoshin Retreat LINK



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