Destination: Calas Galadhon Park

Mirromere – Calas Galahadhon Park

Nature. Put your hand up if you love to get out in nature to relax as we explore the wonders of Mother Nature?

There is a location in Second Life I was shown last year which I have been meaning to revisit and I thought, “Why not going back and add it as a destination?”, so I did. And you will love Calas Galadhon Park. I promise.

There are ten park sims. The information says eleven but I only count ten on the map but there is one which is a skybox so maybe that is the eleventh. I have not explored all of this region as it is large and has so much to explore and it’s hard to dig around everything when all you want to do is relax while enjoying nature’s beauty.

First things first. No nudity. These are moderate rated sims which owners wish to be open to all so they have asked for no nudity as clearly stated on their TP board. Each location has it’s own TP board. If you click your mini map to tp anyway, you will tp to the local board.

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Come here in your pixels as a human, a fairy, a big cat or furry for example. Whatever and whoever you are as long as you’re clothed and be respectful of each other. Here is a region jam packed full of places to explore outside and in buildings. Don’t forget the tunnels. Or are thet caves? You’ll have to visit to find out. There is also a beautiful cafe to rest at.

I really don’t want to spoil your fun by revealing everything. I will tell you though that there are plenty of places for couples to sit and to dance. You can find dance locations by finding the acorns on a pole. Some are roses and who knows if there are other forms of dance balls to click on to receive your couples dance balls.

There are also boats which I have not tried yet. Another couples feature I believe And, if you like, there’s a horse you can ride around. Just follow the instructions when you come across it and enjoy.

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Calas Galahhon

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Dimrill Dale

I also found a little chapel which I guess can be used for SL Weddings. I did not look for the information but I assume that they allow SL weddings inside and outside. It’s the perfect romantic location.

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I swear, there is no end to the beauty of Mother Nature. There’s even Tai Chi set up for four people. I think this maybe where you find the horses to ride but I’m not going to tell you exactly where to find them. You have explore this lovely region for yourself. You know know. You just may encounter a lion or a leopard.

Hello Mister Lion. Thank you for letting me ruffle your mane and give you a big hug.


Misty Mountains

You really should check out Misty Mountains. I think this is my favourite so far. Misty Mountains might also be where you find the horse to ride but as I said before, I’m not saying where. You gotta find it.

Am I being mean?


I just want you to visit this awesome region and truly explore it for yourself. Nothing beats a little DIY.

Oz Night Club

There’s also the night club with a gorgeous retro look. I will head back to check out the details of Oz Night Club. So should you.

So yeah, get back to nature. Go as a homosapien, a butterfly, a spider, fairy or a big cat and melt into the picturesque surroundings. You can’t rez here so no pose balls of your own. Excellent for photos. Not all poses require balls.

Thank you to my two beautiful models; Abby and Bianca.

Click here to visit Calas Gladahon Park.

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