SLAD2: White Star International Airport

I admit, I was lost. Which airport do I visit next when there are so many airports across Second Life? What an impressive range of airports to choose from. But you the reader can make it easier for me as one of you did. Yes, this week’s Second Life Airport Destination is a reader’s request by, Crim. Thank you, Crim who is the Manager of White Star International Airport.

Where to begin?

Opened around mid 2015, White Star International Airport is our destination.

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White Star International Airport, north of the Blake Sea, west of Tuarua Fiji is an airport which has more than meets the eye when you arrive. Approaching from the East to land at Grunion sim with two exits to the pilot’s right before reaching the end of the runway where departing planes wait for clearance. Please note that you will see two runways. Take the runway on the right to arrive at White Star and follow the markings to the terminal, fueling bay and hangars. Or if you approach by helicopter, there is a helipad near the terminal that is easy to approach and touch down.

First things first, the lag. I hardly encountered any lag beyond Linden Lab’s usual trolling of us with their crazy antics during maintenance weeks. Yes, I explored White Star during a long four day maintenance fest and yet I barely experienced any lag here. The approach meets you with runway with minimal lighting. Enough to guide you in without all the uber lighting required to power a whole city. So both lag and realism on entry is a big fat ‘Check!’. Receiving help from two people who, as Crim explained, “Two of those who helped with the initial build actually had experience working at real airports.”, certainly helped.

Once you pass through the half parcel on Grunion, you enter White Star’s main region, Grayling sim which is a whole sim. Terminal straight ahead, hangars and Emergency Rescue to the left. Both sims have hangars which can be rented. Grunion sim also has boat slips available for rent which fits in effortlessly.

We come to flying in and out where I experienced no difficulty for this inexperienced pilot. The approach is quicker than the departure, just as it is real life. There are three open water sims to approach though two were enough for me. One sim were more than ample for my small aircraft.

Aircraft I flew in and out of White Star International Airport were the D-300, D-Arrow VI, D-139, McKeenan Aviation’s Mayfly and the Cheermaster 150EX ULTRALIGHT. A clear pass for every aircraft used.

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If you are looking for an activity at an airport, White Star has them for you to check out. When I asked White Star’s Manager, Crim about activities, he replied, “We occasionally host the Skyward Flying Club on their weekly flights. There is also a yearly Fire and Safety equipment show which runs for 3 days” and, “We host the main store location for Shergood Aviation and also a store for Feral Marine down in the small marina. We also have a few larger RP areas located at various altutides. There’s a multi-level futuristic military airbase at 1500m over Grayling and a rather extensive space/sci-fi area complete with a space station and a few larger starships starting at 3600m in both Grayling and Grunion. Those are open for anyone to use.”


Exploring White Star International Airport had to be done in three stages or I would have spent my whole day here, if not longer. When you love to explore as I do, you can easily stay beyond our limited time and something easily done at White Star. My first exploration was to look over the entire airport. The second was flying in and out using several aircraft the third day was to explore what I have not seen at an airport before.

White Star International Airport has a coach terminal underneath the plane terminal which is accessed via the escalators outside the plane terminal. There are four destinations you can choose to travel to and it is easy to do.

Go to the ticket vending machine and claim your ticket with a single left click. Then wear/add the ticket to hold in your hand and choose your destination, each clearly located with information at each of the four coaches. Step onto the bus as you would any real life bus where you will teleport to your chosen destination. Easy as that. I chose the rainforest destination which took me to The River.

If you have not visited White Star International Airport, get your pixels over there and look around. There is plenty to do and easy to access. Truly one striking airport and a formidable competitor in the world of Second Life aviation.

White Star runway approach Landmark

White Star Terminal Landmark

Remember, if you have a destination you would like me to consider whether it is aviation related or anything else really, contact me through Second Life by IM. I’m easy to find in search as; Sheree Honeyflower(LifeOfSheree) or at my office located at Sheree’s Garden Cafe.
Blue skies.

Sheree Honeyflower



2 thoughts on “SLAD2: White Star International Airport

  1. Nice write-up 🙂 Personally I think White Star Airport is one of the better large airports in SL – I like the park-like area with the trees and the little model of the Titanic, which I think is a tribute to the original Titanic ship which used to occupy that sim. Didn’t know about the other places to visit there though, so i’ll have to check them out.


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