SLAD 1: Amelia Earhart field


Born on the 24th of July, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas(USA), Amelia Earhart took her place in aviation history as a pilot and as a woman who broke through the barriers and inspired many to pursue their dreams. Women especially.

Welcome to my first entry of, Second Life Airport/Airfield Destinations(SLAD) and where better to start than, AERODROME Amelia Earhart field located at Second Norway(Nyhavnafjord)?


Land group: NRA Holding
Founded by: – ̗̀ƧƖҲƬƳ-9  ̖́-™ (kayleen.freng)
Sim: Nyhavnafjord

Amelia Earhart field was named last year in October 2016. Formerly known as Nyhavna Regional Airport (NRA). When asked why they renamed this airfield, ̗̀ƧƖҲƬƳ-9  ̖́-™ said, “We wanted an(sic) unique name  and we thought it’s good to choose a female aeronautic female name.”

Amelia Earhart field is a small public access airfield with hangars for rent on both sides of the airstrip and terminal. This airfield is suitable for small and medium planes with ground and sea landing gear. The terminal is a small and simple yet open and comfortable setting with seating and check in’s available for rent by Second Life commercial airliners. Seating consists of standard airport seating and outdoor tables and chairs upstairs of the terminal.

Rented hangars have helipads on the roof of each hangar. There does not appear to be a public helipad which would probably take away from the atmosphere were there one.

This is an active airfield who work with Cheerport Airport where they hold weekly training sessions with the Cheerport Firefighter Training. They also have the Swedish Coastguard based there.

amelia-earhart-filed_001Wilder Seawind

With a single in/out runway, the length of the runway is more than suitable for small and medium aircraft. I did not experience any lag difficulties when using both land and seaplanes which is always an attractive positive. Amelia Earhart is an airfield I have previously flown in and out of several times without once ever experiencing lag issues.

Planes used for testing; Wilder Seawind, D-Arrow VI & D-Caravan(seaport).

All lighting has been kept to the perfect amount for its size, creating a clean, relaxing atmosphere to sit and enjoy your time there. If you are looking for a small aviation destination to fly to or to rent a hangar, Amelia Earhard field might be the location for you. You never know until you go.

I would like to thank – ̗̀ƧƖҲƬƳ-9  ̖́-™ (kayleen.freng) for her efficient and friendly response to my questions about AERODROME Amelia Earhart field.


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