My Garden Cafe


Something I have been wanting to do on Second Life for some time is to have my own cafe and yeah, I hear you. Second Life has cafes scattered across this virtual world. Most cafes I have seen are based on the average coffee shop and the cosmopolitan cafe.

My style of cafe is set in a garden scene. It’s not the cafe sitting in the middle of a forest as I would love to set up which I hope will come at a later date. My new cafe came about as I decided that my blog should have an Inworld face and I saw no practical need to rent an office that would never be used and presto…. a garden cafe.

I named my cafe, “Sheree’s Garden Cafe”.


Located at Bay City(Harwich), Sheree’s Garden Cafe  has the perfect city location with a canal and a busy draw bridge. I sit and watch a ferry pass through along the canal and there are even buses which travel around. A little further away is a tram line and you can ride them. I have even seen a taxi which you can ride. Not to forget the fun park nearby.

Yes, there will need to be some exploring Bay City. And some blogging, of course!

Upon walking inside, the first room is a continuing work of improvement has furniture changes, food and drink changes and is improved. There are also stairs which leads up to my office for this blog, Virtually Sheree.

Pass through to the rear room, the gardener’s room which I am calling, “Yum Yum Room” is where you will find seating at tables, a bookshelf and a garden chair. You will find more seating outside. A cat theme chair beside the building and  laid out outdoor setting along the fencing. I am currently working on the garden and seating in the main section of the yard.

And my cat. I bought a cute little kitten to be the cafe cat so if you see her, her name is, Sunflower. Feel free to say hello and pet her if you wish to.

Sunflower, Abby, Jack & Myself

My ideal cafe is somewhere people can come to relax and I hope my cafe appeals to those seeking solitude and those seeking a cosy cafe to relax with friends as a place of inclusion. You might find yourself receiving a group invite but please don’t feel pressured to join. My primary concern is to provide people a place to relax.

Sheree’s Garden Cafe is located at Harwich – Bay City which is a G rated sim.



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