Baitoushon Aviation Museum


Today’s article is on the, Baitoushon Aviation Museum located at, Baitoushon at the Baitoushon Airport, built up above the water for port access. I’m not sure where the tp point up to the museum is from the airport. The tp point for leaving can be found where the tour begins. Just follow the signage.

On arriving with Hayo wearing his Chief of Airport Fire/Rescue for TFIA, dressed looking like staff as my employed pilot, we took the Landmark to the museum set high in the sky and, wow. Without any exaggeration, wow. I have seen museums in Second Life before but none were to the level of size, quality and detail as Baitoushon Aviation Museum is. The first question we asked was, “Where are going to start?”, and a laugh at our surprise.

There are so many planes to look at and so much information on these planes so we lay folk in aviation can learn about aircraft in Second Life and the real aircraft which they are based on. Hayo found found the cinema which is a walk up a flight of stairs to the elevator(or ‘lift’ as we call it in some parts of the world) to their cinema where we relaxed in the cool comfort of soft chairs and air conditioning where we watched a documentary on the commercial plane that crashed landed on the Hudson River in New York.

Here is a museum with planes, helicopters, air balloons, blimps, a cinema, information on aircraft for hot and cold wars, none war history and who knows how much else. Unless you are able to soak everything in one day out, this is a museum needing return visits. Chief and I flew over from TFIA and back which also had to be included in travel time but so much more fun to travel by air to see a museum about aviation.


Make sure you have your media enabled to fully enjoy what they have on display such s this Virtual Tour pictured above. When I go back, I think I’ll have to enjoy each section a day at a time. So much time and effort has gone into providing this museum to us in Second Life to enjoy so please consider donating a little Linden $ Love while you’re there. We all enjoy to have access to freebies but they still cost money and without a little given from those of us who enjoy them, they would not exist for us to enjoy.

Taken from their note card for visitors;

Welcome to the Baitoushan Aviation Museum

7 years ago I had a dream to build an aviation museum in Second Life. This year everything fell into place to make it possible. With the help of some great friends we were able to put together SL’s largest aviation museum. Our purpose is to highlight real world aviation history using virtual world creations. There is also a “sub-theme” here of Second Life aviation history. SL aviation development here started back on 2003 when SL was first launched and it continues today. It is truly amazing to see what SL aircraft builders have created over the past 13 years.

Since the beginning of time humans dreamed of flying. As you tour the museum you will get glimpse of how this age old dream came true. Centuries of development went into what we now know as modern flight. There are many untold stories to be discovered and some myths to be exposed.

As you tour the displays take time to read the information boards and please feel free to ask questions. Our curators love to hear your questions and comments.
Many of our displays will change monthly so please plan on visiting often

Wishing you Blue Skies and Happy Flying!
Luke Flywalker

Museum Curators;                                                                                                                                                     Jack Tracker – Lighter Than Air Display                                                                                                 Jennytryit Kaz – Pioneers of Aviation Display                                                                                     Stephanie Asalia – World War 2, Rotary Wing Aircraft Displays                                                              Luke Flywalker – World War 1, Cold War and Commercial Displays

You can find Baitoushon Aviation Museum on Second Life’s destination guide at this link.

This blog is my first blog on a destination where I asked if I would visit and consider writing on the museum. I decided to write as soon as we teleported in because I was surprised by what was instantly before my eyes. I did not expect anything as astounding as the Baitoushon Aviation Museum.

Get your pixel butts over there. You won’t regret it. You’ll be like Hayo and I afterwards. Relaxing as we feel impressed by this most awesome aviation museum. This is one museum worth joining Second Life for the sole purpose of visiting.



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