My First Grid Flight


Fly Away Flight – Secondlife Gridflight Group

When it comes to meeting up at seaports for group adventures, it has always been to take part in a sailing cruise with yacht club. Never ever had I gone out for a group aviation flight. I had heard of them but never read any of their notices or seen one. Up until now.

SL Gridflight’s notecard came through the Dani Planes group so I thought, why not? And an unexpected blog.

This week’s grid flight theme was to use a seaplane or a helicopter which can land on water. With my D-Arrow VI ready for flight and all safety checks checked, my radio tuned into ‘SecondLife Aviation Network’ radio, it was time to leave our meet up point, Grand Manan Airfield and Aurora Seaplane Base in the Sailor’s Cove region.

Across the Blake Sea and Bingo Straight into clear blue skies as the radio played foot tapping tunes and interesting flight commentary by the radio team following up from behind like a sheep herder making the flight that much better.

First check point to stop at was Cloud Dancer Airfield and Seaplane Port. A small airport with easy access. Everybody was jovial and keen to fly the second leg to Flying Burrito Brothers – Unity Airport which is a multi level airport, the shortest of legs.


Flying Burrito Brothers – Unity Airport


Tuarua Tiki Village

And we’re on our third leg to Tuarua Fiji Village. The beach itself is not a seaport but there is a seaplane ramp found by clicking this link. At this location is the Tuarua Fiji International Airport. A large, open airport with an incredible eye for detail.

With the final destination coming near yet still a way to go, we left on our fourth flight to Home of the fallen Angels. A neat looking airport at quick glance.

And off we set on our fifth and final flight to Gee’s Wonder Land to relax and have fun at this fun park which I previously wrote about. You can find this post here.


It’s the final leg of the grid flight and I’m looking forward to completing my first group flight tour. If the flight had not been fun to do at this point, it was scanning down to the bottom of the flight information note card where I found my own blog post on Gee’s Wonder Land listed for pilots to read about our final destination. Now that’s something I had never expected to see. How awesome. And then hear the radio team mention your blog. A surreal feeling.

Once everyone safely arrived, we gathered for a quick chat before heading off to go nuts on the rides. My first ride was the rollercoaster with three others. The hot dog I ate doesn’t like rollercoaster rides, me thinks.

This was a fun experience and I look forward to going on many more to come. Everyone involved are relaxed and know how to let their hair down.

Leg 1: Aurora Seaplane Base

Leg 2: Cloud Dancer Airfield and Seaplane Port

Leg 3: Flying Burrito Brothers Airport

Leg 4: Tuarua Fiji Village – Beach at TFIA

Leg 5: Fallen Angels

Leg 6: Gee’s Wonder Land


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