Gee’s Wonder Land


Welcome to Gee’s Wonder Land, a place of fun, with many rides and amusement rides. Located near the Blake Sea, Gee’s Wonder Land is easy to access by air, water and teleport. Access by sea are slips. Air access is also at the slips and two helipads.

I found Gee’s Wonder Land through a call for passengers to fly on Unity Airlines. I thought the flight information sounded interesting and different which of course raises the possibility of fun and who knows, maybe a blog post.

Owner and my guide, Geetaraa

Owner of Gee’s Wonder Land, Geetaraa introduced herself to me, letting me know that she was around if I had any questions which easily fell into a conversation and tour. Believe me, there is more to this place than the eye sees at first sight.

Here there is a plethora of games and rides. There is also a photo booth, meditation pads, a gazebo with a belly dancer to watch dance. If you like rides needing you to hold on for dear life, they are here as well. like the alligator which I rode. And there’s a spot for dancing on the dance pads alone or with friends.


And the rides. Oh man, the rides. There’s the rapid water ride, the ferret wheel ride which is a ride I had not ever seen before and wow, the rollercoaster is one to get your buzz buzzing. And then there are rides which aren’t for the squeamish like the Half Pipe.

Seriously, grab your friends and take them to Gee’s Wonder Land for an awesome fun filled time with amusement rides, games and more.


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