Exploring Underwater City Ruins

It’s the 1st of January, 2017, the perfect day to go on my first exploration of Second Life for the year and what an awesome adventure it was.


With Jenny as my guide, we traveled across to a lighthouse at Pulciano which has a one hundred minute object return in the rez zone, ten minutes elsewhere across the sim. This beautiful barren looking island has a lighthouse with a long walk up to the top where you can sit and enjoy the ocean views and breeze but don’t be fooled, this area has more than the eye can see at first sight.

After a little explore of the island above sea level, Jenny and I dove into the cool refreshing sea water. Dive down where you can have an explore of what can find. Just don’t confine yourself to Pulciano sim as there is plenty to do here and in surrounding water sims. Watch out for the sharks though. One of them likes to carry you around in his mouth while circling his territory.

One sim west of Pulciano is, Macavity where you will find an underwater city ruin.

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After an easy swim, we looked at the ruins of a once proud city now hidden by the rising water levels of the ocean over hundreds of years, if not by a natural disaster such as an earthquake or major volcanic eruption.

Here there are beautiful sculptures of pylons and people, mysterious lights which some say have magical properties of this ancient city’s God’s and Goddesses. If you enjoy scuba diving, this is the region for you to jump in and get yourself wet. And with the right friend, it’s a lot more fun.Even better when your guide is one you love.

And watch out for the jellyfish. They’re cute but a little hug from one of those stingers and you’ll be wanting dry land and a bottle of vinegar.

There really is too much to write about on this region in just one post. I had thought of one post for each sim we looked at but decided to give taste because you really should explore this area. Teleport there, fly there like Jenny and I did. Sail there if possible from where you start your trip. It is worth it. Leave plenty of time to relax and explore because you will lose track of time. I guarantee it.

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