2016 Dust. 2017 Arriving



What a year. 2016 has been one interesting year in both the worlds of real and virtual. We have seen in the real, a plethora of celebrities die, mostly those who were of age and left a gap in the worlds they conquered. There will never be a Severis Snape like Alan Rickman.


In virtual world of Second Life, I’ve seen many people struggle as both worlds clash. While virtual world has a lot of role playing, we all have real emotions people carry through to their gaming characters and no matter how much we role play, the very real characteristics that make us people, carries through to our gaming.

Admittedly, some of my SL this year has been rough. The start of the year saw me make the moves to close my account but I’m still here and I’m glad I didn’t end up having to leave for I’ve had so much fun since and made some awesome friends.

With a gap away from each other for the greater part of the year, early and late of 2016 saw me with, Jenny. I have known Jenny for almost all of my Second Life. A very real woman from the UK who I love and adore, who I am proud to call my girlfriend. At times I feel greedy to have a girlfriend in my real life and a girlfriend in Second Life. I love and adore both of you very much.


Jenny, my awesome best friend and girlfriend.

A new yacht, the Bandit 60 which was textured by, Mackone. A few Dani planes and helicopter textured by, Chief. A new computer and internet making virtual flying a reality for me. And a sadly, some friends lost including a couple guys who just didn’t know how to keep their hands to themselves.

2016 has been overall, a year that has been good for me. Some of us had a shit of a year and can’t wait for it be finished. And as for The Grim who has been a finely skilled hunter in the lives of celebrities, please slow down next year. I’m not prepared to depart with my favourite artist who I have loved their art since my very early teenage years. Nope, not giving The Grim this person’s name. Nup.

And so on rolls 2017 which is waiting just around the corner and while I feel it is going to be a difficult year, internationally speaking in the real world, bright stars are there waiting for us to reach out and touch them.

I am going to leave a slide show of selected photo I took in SL which I think best highlights my 2016.

May your 2017 be awesome.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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