Basinghurst Aerodrome


Basinghurst Aerodrome, owned by, Jenny D is a quaint post WWII airfield located at Exhara sim, just a short distance from Bingo Strait by air and sea. Jenny is also the owner of Tuarua Fiji International Airport(TFIA).

From the notecard received from my tier box for my tie down for renters;

“BasingHurst Aerodrome is an Ex ww2 airfield used in the present day by private pilots, Aero and gliding clubs. It is a themed Airport for light aircraft only.

“We have no facility for Jet Aircraft and for that reason the only aircraft allowed to be permanently rezzed here are Light Aircraft with either Single or Double Prop and small helicopters.

“The main runway direction for use is runway 28 for takeoff and 10 for landing.”


Jenny D – Owner of Basinghurst Aerodrome & Tuarua Fiji International Airport(TFIA)

Basinghurst Aerodrome offers hangars and tie downs for light aircraft at competitive prices. Inside the main building is a cosy sitting area and fish to help you relax as you drink coffee or tea dispensed from the barista espresso machine.

The airstrip is easy to use and perfect for small aircraft. Helicopters are also permitted here but please, no jets as this hobby aerodrome isn’t equipped for jets. There is also a gliders club.


On top of being picturesque, Basinghurst Aerodrome also has a food van where you can have coffee, tea and soup. You can rest at the outdoor setting to sit and rest as you take in the fresh sea air blowing in your face.

Should you rent a tie down, Jenny encourages tenants to decorate their tie down. I chose to add some trees, a tent, campfire and picnic table where I keep my D-Arrow IV.



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