Aviation: D-139


From Dani Airplanes comes their latest but not new release helicopter, the D-139 selling for L$3,500 on MarketPlace and Inworld. This package comes with three versions(military, medical and executive) and the usual extras of headpiece for pilot radio, fuel station along with sounds and gears for that realism in Second Life.


This week I purchased the D-139 helicopter as I upgrade my toys. I still love my beautiful pink helicopter which I bought almost three years ago but I also seek to upgrade. Unknownst to me, my friend, Chief who I mentioned in my earlier post on the D-ArrowVI along with my very real life girlfriend, got together to have a texture ready for the D-139 which I only learned of after I bought it. And the paint theme is, Elton John.

Elton John has been my favourite musician since I was twelve years old and now in my mid 40’s, Elton continues to be my favourite. A man whose music and energy helped to keep me going through my tortuous teenage years. If anything made me cry, it was this gift from my girlfriend and my friend, Chief who did this for me. Lots of muff diving for Mel this week for this but don’t tell Chief. LOL


Elton John’s Coat of Arms

There is so much love and skill behind the artistry by Chief. He refuses to call himself an artist but he is one. When you have seen his handiwork like have, and like you will when I post my aviation entry, you too will experience his artistry talent. My personal painter. hahaha.


My D-139 (Elton John) at Home

Parked at home on the roof of my new home is where she rests. My new home which is right across from the airstrip at the Blue Lagoon Marina.

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