Aviation: Arrow VI

I can’t believe it. I finally got to update my computer from a six year old MacBook to a new entry level MSI gaming computer. For the first since I joined SecondLife a little under three years ago, I can fly planes. Even better is the internet is to be changed over to the NBN end of this week. So much more awesome!

30222370081_f8a351a40b_oArrow VI – Dani Planes

With a new computer, I was super keen to try out flying and on telling a friend about this new computer and my want to see if I could get away with flying. Within a few minutes, he bought me an Arrow VI by, Dani Airplanes. A single engine, low wing seating the pilot, co-pilot and two passengers which is interchangeable between land and sea plane features.

My friend, Chief, is a big fan of Dani Planes and wanted, no, really wanted to paint my plane for me so I asked Chief to google “Rainbow Lorikeet” and show me what inspiration those images brought about. And here she is looking beautiful with a Rainbow Lorikeet on the tail and left wing. The fuselage also has leaves and also carries the LGBTQI ‘Pride’ symbol and two names, Sheree & Melissa. Unlike Melissa for my Bandit 60 yacht which is named after Melissa Ferrick, Chief added Melissa for ‘Mel’, the name I use for my real girlfriend when I refer to her in Second Life.

Due to my history of turning planes in submarines, I opted to keep the skis on so that should I touch water from terrible flying, the skis should keep the plane and I afloat. Thankfully, my theory worked already two or three times but now my landing on water abilities is much better, I have started working on my ground landing that isn’t nose first. Thank you once again, Chief for your instruction.

Only a week in and I am flying a little every day across the Eden Naturist Estate and Fruit Islands as I fly back and forth, as well as getting in some flying over mainland areas from airport to airport such as my flight from Second Norway to Tuararua Fiji Airport. And just today I started teleporting from airport to airport to mark runways and airstrips to help with navigation.


The Arrow VI by, Dani Airplanes – Market Place

Above is what the Arrow VI looks like when you purchase the plane. Some people keep the texturing as it comes and then there are those such as myself like to have something that is unique, easily identifiable and resembles something about my personality as related to the vehicle.

The Arrow VI is so easy to learn how to fly and to handle up in the sky and as I learn the basic tricks to landing and such, I’m going to whip out an old mail plane I bought long ago despite not flying planes, only my two helicopters. I bought it because it was raising money for breast cancer.

Loads of flying to do now. And boating.


And finally, here is Chief and I at my plane which was gifted to me by Chief and painted by Chief whose also giving me flight instruction. Now if only we can convince Chief to sell his plane painting talent on Marketplace so people on Secondlife can buy his awesome work.


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