Melissa’s Maiden Voyage


Melissa’s Maiden Voyage

When I first went shopping to buy a new boat with the specific intent of naming her after one of my favourite singers, Melissa Ferrick, I went to buy an engine powered boat which was also a fishing boat or had fishing attached to it. Not a trawler but more the deep sea fishing boats for ordinary folk. After a discussion with a beautiful Dana in sales and handing her a link to listen to ‘Drive’ by, Melissa Ferrick, I followed her advice and bought the Bandit 60 from The Mesh Shop.

With Dana – Original look of the Bandit 60

After buying my new B60, I took her out for a long cruise where I was joined by my friend, Mackone who is a builder of awesome super speed racing boats. We were chatting about painting her up, the main reason why I was sailing her, so I could get a feel of her, when Mackone was super awesome enough to create the  new textures for me. I gave him the textures which comes with the B60 and after his very much appreciated hard work for me, what an amazing result. Mackone understood my emotions for Melissa Ferrick, her music and the B60 perfectly. He had some patience to put up with my umming and ahh’ing. I’d have kept him locked away for myself, were I into men.

I was hoping to have Mackone with me for Melissa’s maiden voyage but he is a busy man. He’ll get his own personal Captain guided Melissa in the future.

And we’re off!

With my friendly and beautiful neighbour, Mathilde accompanying me for Melissa’s maiden voyage, we two eager gay women dying to put some wind up Melissa’s skirt boarded, checked the sails, fixed our navigation points and sent her off into the wild blue yonder.

Melissa cruising through the North Sea

We set sail from my home at the Blue Lagoon Marina in the Fruit Islands, traveling through the North Sea, in and out through the Eden Naturist Estate where we stopped for a short rest in the North Sea where we cracked open a bottle of white wine and gobbled up some delicious prawns, scallops and oysters.

Our sail home traveled in through another side of the Fruit Islands region she skimmed across the sea so fast that I was too busy navigating to avoid islands to take any photos of Melissa, at times on tilted to her side where she sped fast. Mathilde’s bouncing breasts certainly added some fun visual distraction. From here on, I think I’ll see Matilde as my Cabin Girl. *Bwahahaha*


Resting somewhere at the North Sea feasting on prawns, scallops, oysters and white wine

Had I control of the music stream, I would have been blasting Melissa Ferrick’s music for all the sea life to hear as we kicked back to relax, feast and chat.

Melissa Ferrick – Drive

Melissa Ferrick – Home

Such wonderful maiden voyage or Melissa, looking super sexy with her curves and beautiful as she seductively hugged the turns between islands and glided across the open sea. Thank you Mathilde for accompanying me for Melissa’s maiden voyage. 💖

And wow, what a massive round of appreciation goes to Mackone for his amazing work to help me have Melissa looking purrfectly. Thank you.

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I adorbs the red flower pattern on the seating and bedding

Mackone sells his own speed boats on Marketplace called, Metall Kraft. I have his super fast Tornado which is so super fast. Please check his store out and if you’re a Second Lifer, give any of his boats a try. They’re frigging awesome!

I was very excited as I waited for Melissa to be ready for her maiden voyage. After a successful and fun cruise, Melissa is off her cradle and bobbing on the water at her port.


Melissa resting after her maiden voyage

And my final word goes to the beautiful Melissa Ferrick whose energy, attraction, appeal and music motivated my new boat purchase. I hope I you have been captured well. Your music speaks to me heart and soul. Thank you. 💗


Singer/Song Writer – Melissa Ferrick


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