Fashion: Sharkini Bikini


Sharkini Bikini

I don’t know about you girls but when I go shopping for a one piece bikini I like, I would have more luck giving birth to a pineapple then finding a decent one piece. They either look really odd, make you feel you fat or are designed in a way that you might was well wear a skimpy 2 piece bikini anyway, while being over priced.

While purchasing free stuff on Marketplace, I came across this bikini which I thought was interesting enough to see what the demo looks like. Ladies, this bikini looks so good that I had to buy it but which colour? There are several two tone coloured sharkinis.

They’re a tad expensive at L$299 per bikini instead of a hud to simply change colours yet the sharkini is worth it. I love how it fits my Maitreya mesh body. The fits I saw in the folders was for SLink and Maitreya mesh bodies.

There’s another I want. The lemon which is yellow and light blue.

You can buy it on Marketplace by following this link: Sharkini Bikini





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