Review: MJ’s Burlesque Review


MJ’s Burlesque Review

All across Second Life is a plethora of clubs but fewer than most are classy establishments and it was while I was on one of my quick sim hopping tours that I found MJ’s Burlesque Theatre with a sexy red interior to make you feel at home as the passion builds up within you during a show.

This is MJ’s show after a little break which was most likely well deserved. After five years of operation they still pull in a crowd where there was standing room only behind the seating area. Seats were comfortable chairs at tables seating four people each.


With my friend chaperoning me, Wheels and I arrived to an already busy theatre drawing in a crowd so if you want a seat, don’t wait until the last minute to arrive. And don’t you love the car?

Greeting us was a lovely Hostess who made you feel welcome on arrival and guided everyone to take their seats before the review start. Zip zip, bums on seats and I was ready to watch beautiful dances wiggle their hips.

mj burlesque.jpg

First Performance

All up there were four performances with three beautiful women who performed individually for the first three then joined up for an light show performance which was amazing. I only wish my computer was fast enough to truly capture it.

Music was played drew you right in as each burlesque performer wiggled their hips and kicked the legs as they flaunted their sex appeal. A few divine butt wiggles and it was time to strap me to my chair. Yes, I can get a little excited when the opportunity presents itself.

I only felt one disappointment with tonight’s burlesque review. It finished. I wasn’t ready to leave and craving for me but no show can last forever. What a show. What a performance. I’m coming back for sure.

Next burlesque review is Sunday, 28 August, 2016 at 2pm – SLT.

Your taxi await – MJ’s Burlesque Theatre

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