Erotic Story: Bounded Seduction Pt2

Part 2

“Bring the girl to me.”

I awakened to hear this woman of authority bellow an order. My body was sore from sleeping on nothing but a large lumpy cushion keeping my body off the cold concrete floor, my wrists still bound together and the cuff around my neck tethered to a wooden post held only by the concrete. I could not feel any further away from civilisation, from my career, my friends… my life.

Slowly stirring around, a man’s feet stopped near me, the rope tethered to the post fell as it loosened, some of it touching my skin. Feeling the rope on my skin reminded me of where I was and suddenly I was awake.

Spluttering, I tried to lift myself onto my feet as I was dragged across the floor by the neck, only to stumble and fall as my skin burned from the skid of the hard cold floor, only stop at two feeding bowls. In one was water and the other, some kind of mushy mix of foods like leftovers. ‘What is this?’, I thought to myself, ‘Am I supposed to eat like some dog?’

Then a sudden sharp pain short through my body causing me to scream out loud in agony. Again, and again. Three hard strikes against my naked bottom.

I sobbed, crying once again as tears fell onto the food in the dog bowl of food.

“Eat your food, stupid girl!”

It was her. Fear shot through me like an electric shock from touching a faulty power point. Another strike to my bare bottom.

“I told you to eat, girl”.

With my wrists bound, I reached for the food in the bowl and she stepped on my hands. My bones feeling like they were going to crush were she to add extra pressure. She laughed at me, ridiculing like I was petulant school girl. I knew what she wanted but I didn’t want to.

“I’m not your fucking dog”, I said in a broken voice.

“Ahh, John told me that you’re a hard arse. A tough bitch who breaks balls of any man who gets in your way. Well, you’re not at work any more you silly fool. You will eat your food with your face in the bowl and to teach you a lesson, you are going to be bitched at the same time.”

Her voice rang through my ears. There was no way I was going to do this for her. No way. No fucking way was I going to and yet I did. I put my face in that dog bowl and ate. I ate as I felt her hit my body with a flat object I never got to see. Possibly a paddle. Countless strikes against my bottom. My crying out for sympathy arse that was starting to enjoy every harsh assault against it and I moaned.

I heard myself moan and beg her for more when she stopped while I ate like a dog. Food all over my face.

Wrists unbound. Wrists rebound but behind my back with my face pushed in the bowl and ordered to keep eating.

Then my wrists lifted as she took the rope that bound my wrists and pulled me a little off the ground. I winced at the pain in my shoulders and then I groaned. Her fingers forced themselves inside my vagina which also betrayed me with her wetness. I did not know that I was wet until she told me, her fingers intruding inside me and yet I moaned and pushed my hips hard against her hand. The harder and faster she pushed her fingers inside, the harder and faster I pushed my hips against her.


Was that me? Was that my throat which let out that loud painful groan as I felt fingers become suddenly larger?

She laughed at me again as she mocked me, “You little slut. Does John know that you enjoy being fisted like a dirty whore?” Again she laughed, “Keep eating your breakfast and if you finish your food, lick the bowl until I tell you to stop.”

“Yes, Miss”, I whimpered.

Holy fuck, no way did I just call her, Miss. But I loved it. My body rocked against her hand inside, stretching me, pushing me, slutting me. I ate and ate and then I licked the bowl clean. I continued licking the bowl clean when I felt my abdomen spasm. My legs shook under my weight and all the pain in my shoulders disappeared as I felt myself shift to a world I had never experienced before. It was like I was torn apart then burst followed by some release. Like a universe was just created and I wailed.

I came around. I must have blacked out as I woke up seeing blackness, then a blur of her feet at my face as she spoke to someone about me as if I was just some rag doll to be played with but something she said glued to my memory. “She’s mine. This little bitch is mine so don’t let any one touch her without my say.”

I felt attached. I felt owned. I felt wanted.

I wanted.

I wanted her.

I was hers and inside, I felt myself hand myself over to her.



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