Being Gay

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Being Gay

Someone asked me if I will write about anything that isn’t about Second Life and so I will write the occasional non-Second Life post. Second Life will remain the priority of Virtually Sheree though.

So I’m going to talk about being gay.

My first crush was in Grade 2, in my classroom at the age of seven years, moving towards the age of eight years. She was new to the school and when she walked into the classroom, I heard our teacher tell us that we had a new friend and all after that was most background noise for all I saw was her. I thought about her. Dreamed about her. Bought her a gift for hair which was a hair clip with a Warner Brothers character on it but it was rejected. I was rejected. She became angry and told me that I was sick. She treated me badly right through to the end of our primary schooling but she was well trained Catholic from a Catholic family at a Catholic school.

I was always going to be gay. I was watching the Benny Hill Show from the same age because I liked the jokes. I liked watching the women and I liked watching them chase a pervy old man away. It was funny and it made me laugh.

First year of high school brought with me my first sexual encounter. My first sexual encounter was homosexual and I loved it. It was me. I knew it was me. But this me, this gay, lesbian, dyke, me was unable to hide who I was in a dangerous time of fear of HIV/AIDS in the 1980’s. Gay men were the main victims of this religious driven phobia yet women were also affected. And how much have Intersexuals coped?

By the end of year in Grade Nine, I had been beaten up and raped as a Jesus correction. Somehow the violent acts of fists, feet, elbows, knees and his penis forcibly against my body was going to correct my sinful sexuality and turn me to his sick and depraved religion.

It taught me fear. It taught me shame. I came close to suicide and once I had decided to actually end this hell I was going through and so I went to the only people I knew who cared for me but they weren’t enough to cure me. A kind middle aged gay couple. Two beautiful ladies. Two lesbians. Two dykes. I told them ‘goodbye’ and they physically dragged me inside their home and kept me there for several days to watch me.

Being gay, les, dyke, trans, intersexual, pans or any other form of LGBTQI a person falls into was tough. These two ladies kept me alive and I learned how to fight. I put myself into Tae Kwon Do and I had to use to several times throughout my teens through to when I was 20 years old when a man yelled at me for being sick and tried to hit me over and over but I hit him and I broke one of his bones and left him there.


Now forward to the teens of the 2,000’s. 2016 to be exact and hasn’t the world come far in many parts of this planet? Some parts of the world are still in the era of pain and some in our developed nations crave to return us to this pain. We have an Australian Prime Minister in Malcolm Turnbull who always spoke about embracing us 100% and yet, when push came to shove, he left us for dead. His face at Sydney’s Mardi Gras is an insult to us as he plays up to the Radical Christian Right who compare us to Jewish death camps of the Nazi regime. How disconnected he is to the real people who mostly agree with us. We are natural. We are who and what we are.

In Second Life, I came across a Christian Church which is for the LGBTQI communities who view themselves of Christian faith. How cool is that? Thank you.

rainbow kitty front

I am kitty. Hear me purr

I may be disowned by my relatives. I don’t care. Fuck them. It’s their problem to sit on so much hatred within themselves. They can be their own acid. It’s 2016 and I’m fucking proud of who I am. I love who I am and all those years of trying to hide who I was failed because everyone could see me for who I am.

I am gay. I am all rainbow. Pink flags and rainbow flags.

I feel so incredibly happy when I see youth and older walking around out in public, holding hands or arms around each other. Out showing public affection for each other like any heterosexual couple does and they do it largely without fear. We do keep watch. We still try to not put ourselves in the way of being attacked verbally and/or physically but it’s not like before.

Proud as punch. I love it. Accepting who I am has been empowering and I enjoy being around those who accept others as they are. I love being able, as a naturist, to be naked around all sorts of people who are also naked because regardless of their gender, sexuality, wealth status or anything else, we are all stripped down to the skin where we are equal and nobody cares.

boathouse green

It’s important to be who you are. Just please, don’t be one of those violent bigots. We can get along so much better when we allow ourselves to love one another.

I love my sexuality. It plays an important of who I am. Who we are plays an important role of who we are.

I am not going anywhere. I love being gay and ladies who are dyke, butch, lesbian… we are gay.

I’m not going anywhere.

Sheree power woman


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