Erotic Story: Bounded Seduction Pt1

Let me take you to where it all began. The day that saw my whole life start to change and the person everyone knew went away and was never seen again. A day where my eyes were opened, all of the anxieties were put aside and never ruled my life ever again.

I was a career woman whose first and only priority was my career. I loved my chosen profession. I still love my chosen profession. Yet there was something wrong which wasn’t evident to me but it was to one of the few people who I took orders from. One of three who held empowerment over me. He took me aside and told me that he had booked for me a room at a special resort for a month. I feared I was being pushed out of my position.

“Don’t worry, you will have online access to us and no major decisions will be made without you”, he reassured me with his charming smiling and charismatic eyes.

He was right. It was paradise. Clean air blowing through Eucalypt trees and the shimmering of the cleanest lake I had ever seen where everybody bathed naked. Everything was natural. Nobody swan with bathers and nobody wore anything. When they weren’t bating the cool lake, men and women were socialising in their groups where were distinctively separated by their clothing. I was wearing what I was issued when I go there, a simple free flowing tunic. I often rested near the lake, watching men and women frolic in the water playfully and those who made love anywhere they pleased.

It had been three days when a young woman dressed in the minimalist robing I had seen anyone wear. Her robe hung loosely over curvaceous barely protecting her from interested eyes but enough to draw your attention to her. She offered her hand out to me and led me through the bush landscape quietly, never uttering a word. Then we stopped. Her hand disappeared in her loose robing and withdrew a white length of cloth.

“Goddess desires you to wear this”, she said in a sweet humble tone.

My vision was removed from me as the cloth was bound round my head. Then I heard her speak again.

“Goddess requires that your wrists be bound so you can be easily led”.

She guided my arms in front of me where my wrists were bound by a type of rope. Then a felt second rope tugging at my restraint which pulled my arms forward and I followed, guided only by the pull. We stopped. Only the sound of the breeze and singing of small birds in a world where the sound of my heart nervously pounded within my body. All time was lost. All my realities were falling away from me at a distance as I stood there naked with only a cloth to blind my eyes and rope to bind my wrists. What was it that my employer, my friend, wanted me to experience?

I heard foot steps approaching. She spoke again.

“I bring a sacrifice to the Goddess. Please accept my offering”.

‘Offering?’, I thought to myself. What was she talking about?

Without a further word spoken, I felt the rope tied to the bounding of my wrists change direction and a sudden pull. I was the offering and I was being taken somewhere as some sacrifice like some piece of meat. I grew nervous inside and yet, and yet I could feel a strange vibration awakening deep inside myself.

Dirt and twigs were was replaced by a cool concrete floor and sounds of breathing and a sudden stop. I could hear the murmurings of men and women in the near distance.

“Bring her to me!”

A stern woman’s voice rang through my ears and I felt myself taken by somebody else only this time I was dragged along without any gentleness. I felt like I was taken like some stubborn mule until I stopped and guided to kneel on a soft cushion. Then, without any warning, my back was struck once by a soft lash which somehow stung as it dragged against my skin.

I heard a woman let out a whispered moan. Then i realised it was me. I moaned. What was this?

Her voice spoke authoritatively.

“You come to my home and not once spoke to me. Never introduced yourself to me. Silly child!”.

The sound of her open hand striking my cheek echoed. My cheek burned from her hard slap. From somewhere within me, I heard another soft moan betray me. What was happening? I was scared and yet I was twice betrayed by a soft moan.

She laughed.

“You are mine now, girl. You have been offered to me by one of my disciples who you know as, John.”

Oh my god, I thought. My friend. My employer. He sold me off to this woman and I cried. I felt the muscles in my chest tighten as I wept. Tears running down my face.

“Take her and let her prepare”, she ordered and I stood, pulled up by the binding round my wrists and taken only a few short steps where I was attached to something and the cloth blinding me was removed.

I looked up and saw her sitting on her chair wearing an ancient robe, Ancient Roman like I thought. She sat there with the authority of a woman who was long use to being a position of power. She sat quietly studying me. Our eyes locked on each other and I felt nervous but betrayed again not by any sounds of moaning but heat building up in my loins and the sensation of wetness.

She smiled at me. Her smile saw me smile.

“Release her”

I was released from the rope. I felt the indents of my skin where the rope had tightened itself as the air kissed my skin and I felt like I had lost something. Why did I feel like I lost something good when the rope was removed from wrists?

I looked up at her questioning her with the expression on my face as my skin covered in goosebumps felt the chill of the cool air. She beckoned me to her with her hand. My feet carried me to her without question nor thought. I was already under her spell. As i stood before her, she stood up from her chair, looking deep into my eyes as she studied me. A small peak in the corner of my mouth when I felt her strike my face again only this time it was hard enough to send my body crashing to floor.

I lay at her feet as I placed my hand on the side of my face where her hand struck me. I felt ever ring on her finger press deep into the tissue of my face like it ripped something away.

“Stupid bitch!”, she uttered, “You belong to me now and will do what I say”

Then I felt myself being struck by a whip. It struck my body as I laid at her feet. My legs, my back, my arms and stomach. Then a man’s hand took my hair into his hand and pulled me up and I followed. He held me still by my hair where I struck again by the whip. I cried out in pain as the whip lashed at my naked breasts.

She spoke again but time she spoke harshly.

“Take her. Bind this stupid girl to the post, wearing clothes of a slave”

A young woman wearing clothing which looked poor, dressed me in clothing like hers. And I was cuffed. Cuffed at my wrists, my ankles and my neck. My cuff at my neck had a length of rope attached to it and it lifted, taking me over to a pole where I was leashed and whipped many times at any time she ordered it. Watching me being whipped. Her cruel smile when she stood near me before slapping my face.

Then she left and I watched her leave. I watched her hips move eloquently out of the room, leaving me alone with a man who would spit on my body and whip me at any moment. If he wasn’t whipping my body, he was whipping any of the other people tied nearby. All looking lost and confused as I was feeling.


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