Pony Girl Training: Day 2


With a little space between my first and second days of pony training due to real constraints and internet technology(on my behalf), my next installment of training was held today with my trainer, Elisandra.

I have to say that pony training is not anywhere near as easy as I thought it was going to be. Instead, it is a challenge. A challenge to remember all the commands from the number of cracks of the whip and my foot stomps. And I also have to learn what each horse sound on the hud means.


We concentrated on refreshing the whip counts and taking to the pony trail which might look easy but it’s not. Navigating the track is lumpy, bendy and challenging. As a good pony only wishes to please their handler, concentration and dedication is important. I struggled a lot at first yet with Elisandra’s calm hand and soothing voice, I was motivated to do my best to please her.


Pony Trainer – Elisandra Foxdale-Putnam

I cannot express in enough words just how important it feels to me to work hard for my trainer. When she talks to me, encourages me, compliments me and touches my body to pat me down, I feel very close to my trainer and crave only to please her more.

And then there’s the eroticism in pony play.

To be touched as a pony by your trainer which I found arousing, had me wondering if it was right as human and pony. But her touch arouses my senses, building up electricity in every tissue of my being and after today training… Let’s just say that I am trying so much to save myself tension to continue to build up for when my real life girlfriend gets home because I am going to attack her as soon as she walks in through the door.

I can’t believe how much today’s training has me needing to be fucked and fucked, needing to feel my body explode in one built up climax.

I need to cum so much!

Thank you, Elisandra.

And thank you to Miss Carla for my very own pony stall.



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Virtually Sheree

'Virtually Sheree' is my blog on my explorations of Second Life by Linden Labs which will cover places of interest I explore, stores I find of interest, stores I love, talk about friends and other experiences. I am 'Sheree Honeyflower' on Secondlife. I joined in December 2012. On Second Life I love to go boating be it sailing, a cute one person submarine or my sexy power boat. I am also a submissive pet(not a slave) under the ownership of Mistress Aurora, and blood doll to Miss Onyx who has all of the charisma of a Vampiress. I love them very much. This is my virtual extension to being a submissive all of my sexual life in the real world. I also love to talk about sex. Posts will also cover product reviews. Some regular for a particular company and some who I choose to write about, including clubs or other. If you would like me to review your product, club, themed parcel or such in Second Life, please email me; lifeofsheree@gmail.com with your business name and 'review me' in the email title. My photos will be shared from my Flickr account or directly uploaded.

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