Pony Girl Training: Day One

pony training 1st lesson_002

Pony Girl Training – Day One

I truly love Second Life for there are many things you can do, people to interact with, experiences to have and so much more. About a week or two ago, I came across an all women’s location called, Hidden Desires which I will write up a separate account to this one for there is so much to do here.

At Hidden Desires, one of the activities you can do is learn how to be a Pony Girl. Something I have thought about doing but never really considered until I was introduced to Elisandra who trains new pony girls. I was instantly interested.

Having bought everything I need but front hooves or arm restraints, I attended my first training about an hour ago and I have to say that I’m right into it already. With an experienced trainer who knows exactly what she’s doing, I attended in my tack, ready to go and start a new Second Life experience.

I was a little nervous at first which quickly disappeared under the gentle hand of my trainer, Elisandra. With careful instruction, I was able to learn easier than I thought I would.

Training started off with a brief explanation of whip cracking, how to respond as a pony and even got to try pulling a little wagon. Or a buggy as I call them. By the end of this session, I was feeling a hot and frisky with a want to wake up my real life girlfriend sound asleep beside me and beg and plead from her the fucking I so needed or make myself hold onto these feelings to amplify the submission. I chose the latter. Not even daring to touch myself right now.

I can’t wait to continue my pony training. I’m keen as hot mustard.


I even got to catch up with Nagy whose also had her first pony training before mine.



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