Review: Lacy’s Doll Shapes

Lacy’s Doll Shapes

Ladies of Second Life, there are shapes and there are shapes. You know what you mean, right? There are shapes which just has that ‘oomph’ which many others don’t have. If you’re looking for a beautiful petite shape for a young woman, Lacy’s Doll Shapes is one business you should not miss.

Owner and designer, Lacy Easterling has many beautiful shapes, only shapes, so you will need to find the skin of you preference elsewhere, including mesh bodies. Lacy’s concentration is on petite shapes.


Lacy Easterling

Talking about skins, Lacy also works at Danika on the Management Team where she can help you create a new look. At Danika, you can purchase skins to wear on your shape. You can also buy Lacy’s shapes in a section attached to the Danika store. If you are interested in a custom look, ask a Help Angel for help with contacting Lacy to help you with your own unique look.

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Visit Lacy’s Doll Shapes at: LINK

Or at Danika: LINK



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