Blue Lagoon Marina

blm Honeyberry_008

Blue Lagoon Marina

Do you love the sea life and a social life thrown into one big ball of fun?

Then get yourself over to the Blue Lagoon Marina located at the ‘Fruit Islands’ region. Fruit Islands is made up of many sims full of residents living on islands. There are also rental areas such as the new Blue Lagoon Marina(BLM) which recently moved to their new location in the last one or two weeks. Blue Lagoon Marina is no longer a naturist resort since moving to the Fruit Islands region so please, cover up. Dress code is modest attire.

Also known as, BLM, Blue Lagoon Marina was until recently located at the Eden Naturist Estate. Times changes, direction changes and new fun begins. Under the ownership of Marcy and the help of her Management Team, BLM offers an excellent social life with a concert and dance area, the Blue Dolphin Bar, boat slips, seaplane slips, helipads and houseboat slips for rent.

BLM is made up of three sims. The main sim(Honeyberry), slips for boats and seaplanes and helipads(Rose Apple) and Houseboat slips for living quarters(Natal Plum).

I decided to fly into the BLM from the Eden Naturist Estate which is separated by the North Sea which is many sailing only sims that’s also used for sailing competitions. The North Sea is not a naturist zone also so please wear your bikini or other modest attire.

If you want to know what the natives are like, they’re friendly people who like a gathering. If they’re looking hungry, just throw a fish at them. I’m pretty sure they’ll appreciate it. And yes, furries are more than welcome at BLM so bring your bring your tail attached to your bum and head over.

So grab your boat, grab your seaplane or your helicopter and fly/sail over to Blue Lagoon Marina or just teleport over. Have a swim, a drink at Blue Dolphin Bar or dance. There is a group you can join to receive notices of concerts and other activities.

Teleport Boot Key – Click Here


blm natal plum_003blm natal plum_002blm natal plum_001


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