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dk gnd1Myself as a Help Angel at Danika

In late 2014, I started working for Danika as a Help Angel which is front line customer service. Help Angels are the first in customer care and there are many. Friendly and fun loving spirited women who can be contacted on the floor or by using the staff pager found in the front entry near the stairs to your right when you enter. I worked for Danika in two stints. First time for about 18 months then after a few months away, I came back for a short stint about 3 months. It’s time for me to move on for new and brighter things.

Danika is a SL business owned by Dani Knelstrom who is surrounded by an ever helpful team of exec management, tech help and help angels. The theme is cosplay for late teenage girls where the range covers farm, casual, student, vampire, formal, summer, night clubbing and sex play. Danika also sells beds, couches, hot tubs(spas) and a couple posts to be tied to. They also have a couple good sex toys, the most recent being the P3(Personal Pleasure).

dk little lovely

Something I love about Danika clothing is how versatile it is. I came across so many customer stories of struggling to get other labels to fit their mesh bodies but with Danika, it is incredibly easy. My avatar is not a tiny flat body as I always add a little padding which fits well. Thankfully there are other brands who accommodate more than the single tiny shape now but Danika does it incredibly well and if you’re having issues wearing their outfits, please contact staff and ask for help in wearing them before seeking a refund. I was always happy to offer a refund within the 72 hour window from purchase but with a bit of help in fitting, passing on tricks to best fit mesh clothing on mesh bodies, most were happy to keep the outfits. And there is no time frame for help with fitting clothing and even better, it’s a free service. A service no longer provided is editing the outfit to fit avatars now due to something I can’t remember but it was a fair decision.

Danika also sells classic avatars with an extensive GND2 range. My top photo is Sweetheart(GND1 – Bronze skin, curvy). My second photo wearing Little Lovely is Jellybean(GND2 – peach skin, curvy/Slink mesh). Every purchase of a single skin or fatpack comes with all shapes(waif, athletic, curvy, tmp waif). Seriously folks, the quality is amazing and the savings incredible. Now the skin releases are for those who opt to wear mesh heads. I prefer my classic avatar head. I love the head I got from Dani. Dani’s head is amazing.

dk bed hentai

Above is my favourite of all the beds on sale. All artwork is licensed by the artists who have given permission for their artwork to be used. With the hentai bed, you receive two huds with a sexy choice of textures as innocent as the image shown above, through to graphic images of sex including tentacle sex. Images are heterosexual and lesbian. The engine’s animations are beautiful which covers singles, friends, cuddles, foreplay, oral, intercourse, straight, gay, sex toys, sleep and more. Truly worth owning.

Ladies, the P3 is for you to play with alone or for your lover to sit back and relax as they watch you have fun. The Ps has an anal toy which turns on/off as you wish. The cock comes in white and black so take you pick. It also comes with a vibrating sound and, the cock cums inside you if you want it to. The animations once again are beautiful to watch. Observant curious kitty not included.

I love Danika. Not because I worked there. I loved Danika before I started working there. I enjoyed being part of the Danika family which is supportive and I’ll miss them greatly not working there any more. If you were to ask for any criticism, I would have to say that at times staff training occasionally strays but overall the brand is awesome and the customer care is frigging awesome.

And if you’re looking for a unique look, go in and contact Lacy who will help you with the custom look you’re after. Lacy also has a shapes section of her own included onsite. Her work is also purrfect. And if you want good social fun, the girls are good to socialize with. Many customers love to stand and chat or dance. There’s a dance hud there as well up on the wall. Go nuts.

I leave you with an image of Christmas 2015 as some of us Help Angels and some customers threw our clothes on the floor and danced. Below the photo are the links to my Flick album for Danika and the LM for the inworld store.

dk xmas nudity

My Danika Photo Album(Flickr):

Danika LM:

Danika MP:



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