I Am Pet!

sub pledge

One of my long time SL friends since meeting her at a lesbian dance club, Aurora and I spent December(2015) seeing how we feel about being together in a Dom/Sub relationship. On the 31st December, Aurora handed me my collar to signify her ownership of me as her pet. Not slave. Pet.

pet submission 1Kneeling in submission before Miss Aurora

I submit not in slavery nor handing over my independence and freedom for I am not a slave, I am a pet. Kneeling before my Mistress quietly as she mingles with her guests. I am permitted to talk but I opt to remain quiet, speaking less and only when necessary.

It’s now been three months officially, four months all up as Miss Aurora’s pet and I love it. It’s almost like one such relationship with a girlfriend in real life where I was always free to roam as I please, possibly like a cat and yet always ready to stop what I am doing when my Mistress calls

pet snuggling auroraSnuggling with Miss Aurora

Loyalty is very important for me. I am loyal to Miss. What she requests I give. It’s never burdensome on me and as I am a pet, our relationship is always up for negotiation. I do love her. My Miss is very important to me.

onyx petMiss Onyx and Blood Doll

A long friend of Miss Aurora is Onyx. I met Onyx when they decided to share a home. It was during this time where I became a blood doll to Onyx. A part of myself came hers to moment her fangs pierced my neck and entered my blood stream, drawing out a slice of me forever hers. Onyx became my Liege, my Miss. Mistress Onyx.

onyx kissing

The relationship with between Miss Onyx and I developed quickly and rationally with myself as her loyal pet, faithful and submissive. Ready, willing and keen to be there for her as she needs, as she pleases.

Miss Onyx has a vibrant personality that keeps you on your toes.

onyx laying with

It can be difficult finding the right Dom/Sub for you. It can take years. It can take having several to learn what your needs are. I am lucky and feel fulfilled to have two Mistresses who are amazing women who are caring, loving and supportive.

Forever loyal, forever loving. I willingly and lovingly serve them. They make me feel whole.


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